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22 August 2006
Poisonblack: POISONBLACK New Album Now Available; New Video Posted Online
Poisonblack:  POISONBLACK New Album Now Available; New Video Posted Online
The much-anticipated new POISONBLACK album, Lust Stained Despair, featuring ex-Sentenced frontman Ville Laihiala on lead vocals and guitars, is now available in stores.
This offering is a voracious hard rock assault laden with mesmerizing gothic overtones and is definitely a must for Amorphis, H.I.M. and Katatonia fans.

Click below to check out the stunning new track “Rush.”

The new video for “Rush” has also been posted on the Century Media YouTube page listed below.

In the spring of 2006, POISONBLACK headed back into Tonebox Studio in its hometown of Oulu, Finland to complete work on Lust Stained Despair. Laihiala states: “We added additional feelings and frustrations to the already existing ones and it’s what the songs required from each individual in order to make us sound as poisonous as we do. All three words in the title, ‘Lust Stained Despair,’ are individually giving a picture, a feeling about the music and lyrics. Enough said.” The effort was mixed and mastered at Antfarm Studios by the acclaimed Tue Madsen (Himsa, The Haunted).

With Sentenced put to rest, Laihiala’s main priority is now Poisonblack, and with a more focused lineup in place, the group are poised to deliver a release that should add a glimmer of hope to an otherwise bleak world.

\\"Tales of lust, seduction and ultimate destruction.\\"
-- Outburn

\\"Slow and mournful; this is really a more commercial version of Sentenced.\\"
-- Metal Maniacs