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20 September 2006
Strapping Young Lad: STRAPPING YOUNG LAD Report
Strapping Young Lad:  STRAPPING YOUNG LAD Report
STRAPPING YOUNG LAD check in with the following update. \\"Well, people, the LAD is hangin\\' and chillin\\'...well, not really as Devin [Townsend, guitar/vocals] and [wife] Tracy are to be proud parents at any time or day now...and we wish them nothing but the best. I guess we\\'ll need to get some custom 1/2 size flying V\\'s for the little one...or maybe some drums. Yeah, Tracy would love that, haha!

\\"Gene [Hoglan, drums] is in L.A. rocking and spending good time with the First Family of Metal, his family, the Hoglans. We love them, and they are simply fine, excellent people. I wish there were more folks like them...good people.

\\"Jed [Simon, guitar] is back in Philly working on the TENET album for release next year on Century Media. He has been waiting a long time to do it, and is very excited. He\\'ll be getting the official website up, and starting a TENET page here soon, so keep your eyes open.

\\"Byron [Stoud, bass], as most of you know, is working hard with the FEAR FACTORY gang...does this guy EVER take a break? The answer is no...he is a bonafide machine...must be all that \\'good for ya\\' stuff he eats! Smokies on Deck!!

\\"Willy [Campagna, keyboards] is Willy...and whatever he is doing we\\'re sure involves Les Pauls, his Powerbook, and plenty of volume!!

\\"Word on the street is that Jed, Byron, Willy, and the other ZIMMERS HOLE guys are getting together, and doing some drinking, I mean headbanging, I mean writing, for a new ZIMMERS HOLE release...we say BRING IT ON!

\\"Again, a thanks to all who came to see SYL this year! You rock and we will see you next year sometime.”