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24 October 2006
Brand New Sin: BRAND NEW SIN Tour Report
Brand New Sin:  BRAND NEW SIN Tour Report
BRAND NEW SIN are currently in the midst of the massive Jagermeister tour with Mushroomhead, Soil and The Autumn Offering, which runs through the end of next month. The group have been going over extremely well each night, developing a whole new legion of BNS fanatics. Their highly acclaimed new album, Tequila, is now available in stores, while a live video for the track “Motormeth” was recently shot in their hometown of Syracuse in front of over 2,000 rabid fans. Look for the clip to surface later this month.

Kevin Dean (drums) checks in with the following report from the road: “We are covering a lot of ground on this tour after starting in Chicago and going into a few Midwest cities (Topeka, Flint, Madison etc.) Then we headed west to Seattle and Portland before working our way down the West Coast for two weeks. We partied with members from Motorhead, Nocturne, Adema, Static-X and Audioslave. Things got a lot crazier from there as I got bitten by a scorpion in Arizona (I think) and ended up in the emergency room. Two band trailers got hit with graffiti, while The Autumn Offering\\'s van got stolen, only to turn up in the parking lot (moved by the Soil crew - awesome).

“What topped it all off was the singer of Mushroomhead calling us New Found Sin for some reason and finally the keyboardist whipped a bottle at him on stage and a fight broke out. The Autumn Offering\\'s van broke down a few days ago - they\\'re still on the West Coast – so hopefully they’ll continue this tour. Seriously, you have to take care of yourself out here. It can get out of hand real fast! Temperature changes, mountains, deserts, oceans, booze, drugs, and crazy women (and men) are all around you, so it\\'s up to you to keep your head and be smart. Otherwise, rock on, and we hope to see you all soon.”

Decibel magazine praises Tequila as “accessible, blue-collar, blooze-tinged metal...there\\'s a conviction in the music, a complete lack of pretension, that makes these five guys easy to like.” The disc also includes a bonus video enhancement of the band performing an acoustic version of Big Show theme \\"Crank It Up\\" live in the WWE studios.

BRAND NEW SIN’s Tequila will prove that authentic, meat-and-potatoes classic hard rock is chased with an undeniable raw fury that refuses to be denied.