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16 January 2007
Naglfar: NAGLFAR Unveil New Album’s Cover Art and Track Listing
Naglfar:  NAGLFAR Unveil New Album’s Cover Art and Track Listing
Through trenchant seas, the seasoned crew on the ship NAGLFAR deliver their fifth and most accomplished slab of melodic black metal yet, Harvest. Perfectly fusing the raw energy of their earlier works with the inspired and cutting melodicism of 2005’s Pariah, Harvest marks the raucous return of one of the genre’s most celebrated acts, and sees these five Swedes set their sights on sinister shores previously uncharted. The highly anticipated effort is set for a March 12th release.

Without sacrificing their trademark ferocity, NAGLFAR delve deeper into songwriting mode on Harvest, crafting nine brilliantly orchestrated tracks that stick harder than cement. Newest member Morgan Lie (bass) and Mattias Grahn (drums) provide the backdrop for the sharp, anguished screams of Kristoffer Olivius (vocals), who injects the release with an even more diverse array of vocal venom than that found on Pariah, his singing debut. NAGLFAR have created another masterpiece and find themselves the lone champion of all that is dark, technical, and unholy.

Official Harvest Track Listing:
01. Into The Black
02. Breathe Through Me
03. The Mirrors Of My Soul
04. Odium Generis Humani
05. The Darkest Road
06. Way Of The Rope
07. Plutonium Reveries
08. Feeding Moloch
09. Harvest

A limited edition of Harvest will also be available, which includes a bonus DVD with four professionally recorded live clips from the Party.San Festival 2006, a video for the Pariah track “The Perpetual Horrors” and an interview with Olivius. The cover artwork was handled by the acclaimed Travis Smith (Opeth, Nevermore) and can be viewed by clicking the link below. [http://www.naglfar.net/enter_harvest.jpg](http://www.naglfar.net/enter_harvest.jpg)

NAGLFAR will kick off the album’s touring cycle in Japan this week with labelmates Celtic Frost and Satyricon. A video for the track “The Darkest Road” will be filmed by Roger Johansson (Arch Enemy, The Haunted, Dark Tranquillity) shortly after the band returns from Japan and an MP3 of the song will be posted online later this month.