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25 September 2007
Diecast: DIECAST Embark On U.S. Headlining Tour; Search For New Bass Player
Diecast:  DIECAST Embark On U.S. Headlining Tour; Search For New Bass Player
After an extremely busy and highly successful year DIECAST have begun the songwriting process for their much anticipated new full-length release. The group will also cap off 2007 with their first headlining U.S. tour in over three years. The two month trek will kick off in late Oct. with support acts and tourdates to be announced in the coming weeks.

DIECAST greatly expanded their already diehard fanbase after two massive North American tours alongside Sevendust, in addition to breaking through to Active Rock radio with the “Fade Away” and “Nothing I Could Say” singles. The band are now poised to deliver their most focused and dynamic album yet.

Paul Stoddard (vocals) states: “Hey everyone, it’s been a while since we last talked so there’s a lot to catch up on. We are currently in the writing process for our new record. It’s going really great. DIECAST have changed so much over time that it allows us to try and do anything to ensure that our new record is unique and powerful. We are trying out so many new ideas to keep things fresh while maintaining the DIECAST sound from throughout the years. We should be in the studio in the beginning of 2008 and are eyeing an April to June release.

“We are also planning to embark on a headlining U.S. tour starting Oct 26th. It’s being booked as we speak and we’ll keep everyone posted as soon as dates are locked in. In other news, we regret to inform everyone that Brad Horion will no longer be playing bass. As a lot of you know, Brad had just come back from knee surgery on the last leg of the Sevendust tour and was doing great, as well as having an awesome time, but due to an un for scene family issue Brad is forced to call it a day for music for now and tend to what’s really important, his family. Brad will be missed and we wish him all best. DIECAST is now currently looking for a replacement bass player. See below for additional info if you are interested in trying out. I’ll keep you all posted on anything else when it comes up and thanks again to all our great fans and friends who support us.”

Century Media recording artist DIECAST are currently seeking a bass player. You must have pro gear, be able to play and sing, have great stage presence, be able to tour non-stop, be trustworthy and most of all have a great attitude. Please, no overbearing vices. We are also located in Massachusetts, so whoever we take will have to be from that area or be able to travel to there. You can check us out on [www.myspace/diecast.com](www.myspace/diecast.com).

We will be accepting submissions via email and we would like videos of you playing, as well as your singing. Scream too if you can. Also, send some live footage if you have it. You can make all your videos through YouTube, Google video, ect. This gives you the option to make it private if you want. Just send us the links. Send all submissions to [diecastseeksbassplayer@gmail.com](diecastseeksbassplayer@gmail.com)