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10 October 2007
Naglfar: NAGLFAR Embarks On Inaugural North American Tour
Naglfar:  NAGLFAR Embarks On Inaugural North American Tour
Since releasing the venomous and critically praised fifth full-length, Harvest, NAGLFAR have been patiently waiting to shock, horrify and shake the moral foundations of their North American fan base. Of course, patience wore thin (after all, this is the very first time in the band’s history that NAGLFAR will tour the States and Canada), and these Swedish black metallers just corrupted the tender souls of those in attendance last night in Allentown, Pennsylvania. And how fitting that the first American state to host these dark lords ends in –sylvania, right?

NAGLFAR will tour through early November with compatriots Dark Funeral and Atlanta’s own Daath, and the band is fully prepared to give America its inaugural taste of vitriolic black metal. With over 45 songs to choose from, NAGLFAR’s live set will feature a number of their most punishing material from every era. After playing with death metal legends Dismember and Unleashed at the Way of Darkness II Festival earlier this month in Bamberg, Germany, the band has greased the wheels for a month long tour of corrosive black metal and you can expect nothing less from the European quintet.

For tour dates and additional info visit [www.myspace.com/naglfar](www.myspace.com/naglfar)