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16 October 2007
At All Cost: AT ALL COST Kicks Off U.S. Tour With Dead To Fall
At All Cost:  AT ALL COST Kicks Off U.S. Tour With Dead To Fall
The sonic juggernaut, commonly known as AT ALL COST, spent the last few weeks holed up in Austin, TX rehearsing for their upcoming month-long U.S. trek alongside Dead to Fall, Born of Osiris and With Dead Hands Rising, which kicks off tonight. The group best expels their inner demons on stage usually leaving crowds in a state of amazement. Their unique brand of metallic madness is like no other, which is most evident with their new video for the album’s vicious title track, “Circle of Demons.” Head over to the band’s official MySpace page [http://www.myspace.com/atallcost](http://www.myspace.com/atallcost) now to check it out and for the tour’s complete itinerary.

AT ALL COST further comment: “Aight, so we just hit the road with these cats in Dead to Fall, Born of Osiris and With Dead Hands Rising. We're definitely gonna have a good time and are looking forward to the new cities and people that we'll be blowing it up with. We're going to be playing some new jams from our new album Circle of Demons, so prepare yourselves now for the headbanging insanity that is about to ensue. Our new video for 'Circle of Demons' just got picked up by Headbangers Ball, so keep your eyes open for that on MTV later this month. We're also going to post an outrageous video online very soon. Trust me when I say that you will be surprised. Hope to see you all soon.”

Their highly acclaimed new album, Circle of Demons, is now available and was met with massive acclaim from press worldwide, including such major outlets as Metal Hammer, Rock Sound and Kerrang!

Click the link below to check out their new E-Card.

AT ALL COST encompasses the definition of diversity, imposing no limitations to their songwriting while blending together a propulsive blend of thrash and hard rock laden with captivating hooks. This is most evident on their dynamic new offering, Circle of Demons, which is definitely going to help them carve out their own special niche within the scene.

In 2007, AT ALL COST set their sights high and delivers an album that will easily set itself apart from the pack.