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24 January 2008
Zimmers Hole: ZIMMERS HOLE Announces New Album Title and Track Listing; Posts Cover Art and New Track Online
Zimmers Hole:  ZIMMERS HOLE Announces New Album Title and Track Listing; Posts Cover Art and New Track Online
With a wicked, twisted sense of humor and an undying love for true metal, guitarist Jed Simon (Tenet, SYL) and bass player Byron Stroud (Fear Factory, SYL) pay homage to the genre by celebrating its eccentricities in their Canadian quartet, ZIMMERS HOLE. Rounded out by their certifiable vocalist The Heathen and long-time biggest fan Gene Hoglan (Dethklok, SYL) on drums, THE HOLE, as they are affectionately known by their loyal legion of miscreant followers, will reach worldwide audiences for the first time with their third full-length, When You Were Shouting At the Devil, We Were In League With Satan. The much anticipated offering, produced by the infamous Devin Townsend (Darkest Hour, Lamb of God), is set for a March 11th release.

The album’s title track is currently streaming on the band’s official MySpace page [http://www.myspace.com/zimmershole](http://www.myspace.com/zimmershole), so head on over now to check it out. A video for the track will also be shot in the coming weeks. The disc’s cover art and track listing have also been posted on the MySpace page.

Although THE HOLE was dug before the formation of Strapping Young Lad, this is the first time Simon and Stroud have had the time to devote all their attention to the band, resulting in a more focused, streamlined effort. The inherent insanity in a project like THE HOLE is still there, but traditional metal influences abound in the epic, fist-pumping feel of songs like “We Rule the Fucking Land” and “Flight of the Knight Bat.” The crisp but cutting production clearly places When You Were Shouting on the modern side of things but Simon’s thrashy riffs and Hoglan’s blistering pace give the album a timeless and dangerous edge. This is a record for those true metal fans hungry for something that’s going to get their heart pumping and head banging. After all, THE HOLE are as serious about having fun as they are about keeping the integrity of metal intact.

With a new album in the bag and a newly intense focus, THE HOLE are looking forward to hitting the road as a collective on national tours for the first time. The time has come for those in league with Satan to gather and prepare for the arrival of the unholy ZIMMERS HOLE.