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18 March 2008
Cryptopsy: CRYPTOPSY Posts New Track Online; Prepares For Summer Slaughter Tour
Cryptopsy:  CRYPTOPSY Posts New Track Online; Prepares For Summer Slaughter Tour
The unstoppable Montreal killing machine, CRYPTOPSY, has wreaked havoc throughout the extreme metal genre for more than a decade, but in 2008 the band has returned stronger than ever. CRYPTOPSY have ultimately crafted their career defining release, The Unspoken King, which could quite possibly also be their most brutal, yet dynamic offering. A blistering new track “Worship Your Demons” can currently be streamed on the band’s revamped MySpace page [http://www.myspace.com/cryptopsy](http://www.myspace.com/cryptopsy), so head over now to check out the insanity for yourself.

Mounier states: We as a band have, since the beginning, been experimenting and trying to come up with music that is fresh and new. This album is no different. So mundane to us is music with no purpose, no feeling and just plain repetitive. It was time for CRYPTOPSY to acquire new blood that would play out a vision we’ve seen for years. We took an approach that gives our music a huge dynamic range and brings out its power. Brutality, diversity, complexity, emotion and musicianship define this latest work.”

CRYPTOPSY kicks off the worldwide touring cycle for The Unspoken King as part of this year’s crushing Summer Slaughter touring package, which features the finest acts in the genre today. Click the link below for the complete list of band’s and touring schedule.

Reinventing and redefining metal\\'s boundaries, CRYPTOPSY, recognized worldwide for infusing extreme music with awe-inspiring precision, rabidly dynamic rhythms and mouth-foaming viciousness, have earned music fans respect inside and outside the metal community. The band\\'s viperous recordings and punishing live performance have confirmed their place in music\\'s elite.

In 2008, CRYPTOPSY returns to redefine the boundaries of technical extreme metal with an album that is sure to catch the attention of the entire scene.