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16 May 2008
Warrel Dane: WARREL DANE’s New Solo Album Now Available; Prepares To Shoot New Video
Warrel Dane:  WARREL DANE’s New Solo Album Now Available; Prepares To Shoot New Video
After much anticipation, the stunning, inaugural solo effort from Nevermore vocalist WARREL DANE is finally available in stores. The new album, Praises To The War Machine, is being hailed across the globe as one of the year’s best metal offerings and feel free to head over to [http://www.myspace.com/warreldane](http://www.myspace.com/warreldane) now to check out a few tracks, along with a detailed track by track video description discussing the meaning behind each song. With this effort one of metal’s most defining and revolutionary vocalists further hones his craft to perfection.

Dane further comments: “So here we are finally, the week of release for Praises To The War Machine. It\\'s been a crazy ride since the idea for this record first came about in the back of a tour bus two years ago, as I was bored out of my skull and wanting new music to work on. It\\'s been nothing but a great experience working with Peter Wichers (ex-Soilwork), Dirk Verbeuren (Soilwork) and Matt Wicklund (ex-Himsa) and I must say I feel pretty lucky to have worked with great musicians throughout my career dating all the way back to Sanctuary, and of course Nevermore. I feel fortunate that this record has been so well received and look forward to playing these tunes in a live situation. I hope to see you all soon.”

A new video for the track, “Brother,” will be shot in the coming weeks with up-and-coming director Max Gutierrez. The clip will be a very dark introspective piece focusing on the relationship between Dane and his brother following the death of their father. Look for the clip this summer.

Dane, who first shattered the boundaries of conventionality with the legendary Sanctuary and Nevermore, proves that he is one of metal’s most diverse frontmen with this solo effort as he unleashes a barrage of personal lyrics that are heartfelt and extremely powerful. All of this emotion backed with his soaring angelic and dynamic vocals provides all of the necessary elements for a savagely captivating, melodic assault that quickly hooks you in. This exhilarating new offering begins a new chapter for Dane and will soon further solidify his spot as one of the genre’s most influential artists.

Praises To The War Machine is an absolute must for all Nevermore fans and will soon be hailed as Dane’s most ambitious offering yet. Prepare yourself for the sheer beauty and elegance that awaits.