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20 June 2008
Himsa: HIMSA Announces Final Show of Their Career
Himsa:  HIMSA Announces Final Show of Their Career
The Seattle-based metal quintet, HIMSA’s, ferocious blend of melodic, unrelenting thrash speed mixed with old-school influences resulted in a savage, unique and uncompromising sound that was welcome, refreshing and undeniable. Over the course of a decade the group delivered three critically acclaimed albums, toured the world relentlessly and sacrificed everything they had in order to ensure the band’s survival.

Derek Harn (bass) further comments: “After 10+ years, four releases, countless tours and almost incomprehensible (yet constant) upheaval, the last three years of the band have been relatively stable. Having sacrificed everything we had in order to ensure the band\\'s survival it\\'s time to let it go. We made a great CD (Summon in Thunder/Century Media); reportedly, our best. We\\'ve got a great label. We\\'re getting along, we\\'ve toured and we’re fine. It\\'s all good. We\\'re leaving it at that.

“A relatively unremarkable closing to HIMSA\\'s gi-normously dramatic career, there appears to be no acrimony or unpleasantness, simply the end of a blistering, phenomenal, tumultuous era of the metal that HIMSA permeated into the modern musical landscape. References have been made to the band\\'s evolving difficulties with the relentless touring schedules that have been the hallmark of Himsa\\'s career. If we can\\'t tour, and our reality is we can\\'t tour as we have in the past, then it\\'s not Himsa. Better to hang it up than fade away.”

And, hang it up HIMSA will, honoring their legacy with their final performance within the gritty metal confines of El Corazon on August 16, the club they\\'ve all called home, for better and for worse, for many years.