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12 November 2008
Norther: NORTHER Post Tour Footage Online
Norther:  NORTHER Post Tour Footage Online
Finnish metal titans NORTHER released their new album, N, on September 30th in North America. The record marks the band’s Century Media debut and features two bonus tracks from the No Way Back EP, “No Way Back” and “C.U.S.,” along with a video for the track “We Rock.”

In celebration of the release, the band launched into a quite successful tour of Canada with their friends in Nefastus Dies. Now that NORTHER has returned home to Finland, the band has posted their footage online at both their [MySpace page](http://www.myspace.com/norther) and their [YouTube channel](http://www.youtube.com/kermanisu). There is plenty of footage of the band backstage and antics from the road.

Fans of NORTHER should be sure to head over to [www.norther.net](http://www.norther.net) to communicate with other fans and the band themselves. At this location, you can check out everything NORTHER and use their forums to chat about anything!