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11 March 2010
USA 20 Yr Anniversary: Stephanie's Ultimate CM Playlist
USA 20 Yr Anniversary:  Stephanie's Ultimate CM Playlist
Stephanie Shoulders (Head Of New Media) @ Century Media Records, Los Angeles.

This is my ultimate Century Media Playlist of songs that i simply love or have a special meaning to me. It contains a few of the varied metal genres CM is known for giving you a perfect display of the diversity of Artists found the label's roster. Enjoy!

Preview My Playlist

Preview My Playlist

1. Napalm Death – Identity Crisis:
Its Napalm Death. End of Story.

2. Despised Icon – The Sunset Will Never Charm Us:
I love these guys. I think this record is definitely more on the death metal / grindy side of things, but truly gave way to the whole deathcore movement. No matter if youre a fan of deathcore or not, these are some seriously talented musicians and everyone should go see show if not only just to see the machine that is Alexandre Pelletier (drums).

3. Carnal Forge – Carnal Forge:
Most people either dont know who this band is or forgot about them. This was really the only album I liked by Carnal Forge, but it was one of my Fave CM records before joining the crew and it still holds a significant place in my book.

4. Arch Enemy – Dead Bury Their Dead:
Arch Enemy is one of the best known CM Bands for good reason. Awesome songs, amazing musicians. You really cant go wrong. And Wages of Sin is their Best album. Id ont care what you say, it IS.

5. Behemoth – Conquer All:
These guys are the coolest dudes ever. It was so much fun to work with them. Nergal is so serious about his band and the music he writes, that it truly flows out of the music. Many good Behemoth tracks to go for, this one just really gets me pumped.

6. Children Of Bodom – Six Pounder:
I love the guitar in the song. Its f*ing sexy.

7. Strapping Young Lad - Love?:
Devin is a genius.Everyone knows that. But this song just makes me happy.

8. Into Eternity – Splintered Visions:
I worked with this band for a long time. Videos shoots, promo, and many many shows so I really grew fond of them. This album features a different vocalist from later albums, but I realy feel the material on thios album was my favorite. Every song on this album is awesome.

9. Dark Tranquillity – The Fatalist:
This band is phenomenal live and I've always been a fan but never a diehard. This track is from the newest record, that when I heard it blew my mind. This record is so dark and goth, I was really surprised in the direction it went and found this record to be the most accesible and this track in particular is just catchy and wonderful.

10. Sentenced – The Suicider:
With a catalog as deep as Sentenced's, any choice would be tough. So I just picked a track that i think is easy to rock out to.

11. Mercenary – 11 Dreams:
A lot of people probably dont know who Mercenary is. We have acouple albums by the band, but this album is a little different than the subsequent ones and was really one of the standout records for the progressive death metal sound in my opinion. It was really hard to narrow down a track because the songs are all very eclectic on this record.

12. Aborted – Pestiferous Subterfuge:
Gore Grind at its best. Plus it’s a pleasure to trade retarded links via AIM with Svencho all the time.

13. Heaven Shall Burn – The Bombs Of My Saviors:
This band is so underrated. Everyone should know and love this band. Fans of melodeath should be singing their praises. Pick up the albums and you'll be surprised
by the juxtaposition of extremely harsh and brutal metal comibined with intros and outros of astonishingly beautiful melodies done by an Icelandic composer.I also just cannot get over how menacing Marcus' voice is.

14. Lacuna Coil – Cold Heritage:
This is one of my favorite bands to work with on the label. The are all such sweet and fun people and I've loved their catalog for a long time. Definitely one of my fave CM Artists and this is my fave album by them.

15. Intronaut – The Literal Black Cloud:
I love the guys in this band too much to even describe. Great dudes all around, good friends indeed. There are some moments in this song that are just so serene and peaceful, I cant help but simply adore the musicianship and creativity behind this band. Its just good music period.

16. Nevermore – The Hurting Words:
This is probably a strange choice for Nevermore diehards to understand. To me this song has a really strong Alice In CHains type vibe to it, and with AIC being another one of my fave bands, I think thats why I gravitate so much towards this particular track.

17. Poisonblack – With Her I Die:
I love the first record of this band. This song in particular during the verses gets so dark and eerie its like it was made especially for me. This album featured the singer of the band Charon, while later albums feature Ville (Sentenced) on vocals.

18. Eyes Of Fire – Gone Forever:
You know, I really liked this band. It was such a bummer when they disbanded. Some really cool sludgy stuff going on in this record.Give it a chance.

19. Moonspell - Antidote:
There are some pretty easy choices for Moonspell, but I love how soft and quiet this song is. You can really hear Fernando's accent which is amazing btw. There's something about this song that feels so intimate almost like he's whispering into your ear.

20. Warrel Dane – Lucretia My Reflection:
Sisters of Mercy is one of my favorite bands on the planet, so I was noteably excited for this cover. WD does it great justice and combines Warrel's soulful vocals with gods of Goth.

21. Katatonia – Saw You Drown:
Definitely not my favorite Katatonia album, but I do love this song. This band is unmistakable. They definitely have their own sound, which I completely adore.

22. Celtic Frost – Drown In Ashes:
This was my favorite record of 2006. CF does a great job of combining death, black and goth in one evil little package. This song hit me the hardest for being so friggen eerie and atmospheric. And with Peter Tagtgren producing you cant really go wrong.

23. The Gathering - Saturnine
The Gathering is one of my all-time favorite bands period. Anneke has such a beautifully soft voice and the songs created by this Dutch outfit have long inspired me. This is my favorite song by the band hands down, so easy choice. The outro still gives me chills.

24. Paradise Lost - Unreachable
I really loved this album and it was a tough choice between this song and Praise Lamented shade, but I feel like this song was really underrated. In Requiem and the Warrel Dane records were my absolute favorite records of 2007.

25. Tiamat - Lucy:
This song is so dark and creepy. Its soft and yet metal at the same time. Cant go wrong there.

26. Turisas – The Land Of Hope and Glory:
You know, I wish Turisas would make another record like this. Its so epic and Olli (violin) is really a star on this record.Its just a fun record that takes you on a journey.

27. Old Mans Child – Towards Eternity:
This was the first OMC album I had every heard many moons ago and I really connected to it. Simply put Galder rules. Being a part of Dimmu Borgir makes him a crucial part of my employment at Century Media. If it hadnt been for the wonderous stylings of DB, I wouldnt have interned at Nuclear Blast and subsequently been hired by CM.

28. Satyricon – The Pentagram Burns:
I was ecstastic when we licensed this record. A longtime Satyricon fan, it was pretty exciting to get to work a new record by the Norweigian kings of Black metal. This song is just so diabloic and the video is equally full of fire and debauchery.