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04 June 2010
Dark Fortress: support Seraph and witness a very special show!
Dark Fortress:  support Seraph and witness a very special show!
In case you ever fancied a live-performance of the amazing song “Wraith”, a one of a kind show will be the perfect and probably only opportunity to hear “Wraith” from DARK FORTRESS current album “Ylem” live. Moreover it is your chance to support drummer Seraph during his final exam.

DARK FORTRESS comment: “We will play a unique show - probably the last one for 2010 - on June 14th in De Boerderij in Zoetermeer/The Netherlands. This show will be part of Seraph's final exam at the Conservatory of Rotterdam, thus all your support and help is needed, and will be highly appreciated. We will make this show a very special event, playing songs we’ve never performed live so far including "Wraith" from our latest album "Ylem". Floor Jansen (ex- After Forever, ReVamp) will join us on lead vocals for the first and only performance of "Wraith" ever! So make sure you won't miss this unique opportunity. Two other projects of Seraph will also be playing this event, namely Sleep Is Wrong (Rock, www.myspace.com/mehothra) and Stephanie Lehmann Project (World Music, www.myspace.com/steffilehmann).”

Doors will open at 19.30, and the show will start at 20.00. For only 5EUR you can witness this very special event. Please support Seraph and DARK FORTRESS.

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