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01 September 2010
Insidious Disease: Partner Up With MetalSucks To Debut "Boundless" Video
Insidious Disease:  Partner Up With MetalSucks To Debut "Boundless" Video
INSIDIOUS DISEASE Partner Up With MetalSucks To Debut Boundless Video

INSIDIOUS DISEASE has partnered up with MetalSucks to exclusively present the worldwide debut of their new Boundless video. Click on the link below now to check out this truly disturbing clip.

Marc Grewe (vocals) states: “This video features the guy from our Shadowcast album cover. His name is Roar Hoch-Nielsen. The story behind it is obvious. Roar has the role of a loving father and husband with this kind of funny hobby. He likes to read riffle magazines and after the family went to bed he is starting his obscure work.

“My part in the video is being the ‘electric eye’ filming his work. We think that something like this happens; we had a case in Austria, where this guy tortured his own daughter for over 25 years. He made everyone believe that he was a loving and caring father, but that clearly wasn’t the case. Something like this could happen right now. Maybe it´s your neighbor who seems to be the nicest person around, but behind closed doors the dark abyss of abnormality is the total reality.

“The plan for INSIDIOUS DISEASE is to hopefully go out on tour at the beginning of next year and of course it would be great to do some famous festivals. Hope that we will catch up with some of you sick motherfuckers soon. Until then enjoy our homage to Hitchcock and Texas Chainsaw Massacre done in our own morbid style!”

Extreme metal legends have united as INSIDIOUS DISEASE unleash the most violent death metal album to come along in years. The evil breed consisting of Dimmu Borgir’s main songwriter Silenoz, bassist Shane Embury (Napalm Death), guitarist Jardar (Old Man‘s Child), drummer Tony Laureano (Angelcorpse, Nile) and vocalist Marc Grewe (from German death metal legends Morgoth) just released their debut album Shadowcast. To check out some tracks and keep in touch with all band happenings, head over now to http://www.myspace.com/insidiousdisease