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27 September 2010
The Crown : new album “Doomsday King” OUT NOW!
The Crown :  new album “Doomsday King” OUT NOW!
Sweden’s death metal maniacs THE CROWN are back! Supported by massive media acclaim the band’s much anticipated new album “Doomsday King” is now available all across Europe (it will be released on October 12th in North America). THE CROWN’s Marko Tervonen is more than happy about this return:

“Hell yes!!! Today is the release date of our comeback album "Doomsday King". Should I say some grand words to get you all fired up? Well, I guess you all know by now that we have always kept the "hype" on the "we'll let the new music do the talking" level. Once again we feel comfortable in that mindset.
This album will reveal where our hearts are in 2010, and that is to deliver the best possible Death Metal that is within us. Death Metal is strong in us 2010! That's for sure!!!! I hope you'll find the time to give "Doomsday King" a couple of spins. Trust me, it's addictive!“

The Limited Edition Digipak also includes a 4-track bonus CD containing the following tracks: “Die Before Dying (Valcyrie-cover)”, “In Bitterness And Sorrow” and “Kill 2010” (both re-recorded tracks from ‘97’s “Eternal Death” album and the new track “Falling 'neath The Heaven's Sea”.

The album is also available as standard CD, 180gr vinyl + the entire album on CD and digital download, so get this now & taste the death!

Check out tracks from “Doomsday King” here:

To properly celebrate the release, THE CROWN will play a special record release show in Essen, Germany on October 1st followed by an appearance at Way Of Darkness festival, see below for the exact dates:

01.10.2010 (D) Essen - Turock (Record Release Show)
02.10.2010 (D) Lichtenfels – Way Of Darkness Festival

It looks like “Doomsday King” already made some friends at the European press:

Soundcheck #1, CLOSE UP (S)

“… Sweden death with Rock’n’Roll attitude…”
soundcheck #7, LEGACY (D)

“…Thrash songs that are interlarded with melodies and come with Motörhead-flair […] will get everybody, who was already in the pit during DEATHRACE KING times, into the mood for moshing.”
soundcheck #8, METAL HAMMER (D)

“’Doomsday King’ is a strong comeback-album that will catch you by surprise with his impressive heaviness.”
Soundcheck #9, ROCK HARD (D)

“Our Prayers have been heard…”
soundcheck #10, HEAVY (D)

Visit THE CROWN online: