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05 October 2010
Intronaut: “Valley Of Smoke” European release date! Hear and see!
Intronaut:  “Valley Of Smoke” European release date! Hear and see!
Very few bands can effectively mix intelligence with intensity like Southern California’s INTRONAUT, who essentially walk a fine line between psychedelic brutality, captivating hooks and devastating yet unpredictable time changes. This is the essence of thinking man’s metal and something so refreshing that it should serve as a vicious wake up call to masses forcing the entire genre to take notice.

Now, INTRONAUT is preparing to unleash what is perhaps their greatest work yet with the release of “Valley of Smoke” on November 22nd (Europe) via Century Media Records. The album will be released on October 12th in the US. The European version contains the bonus song “Vernon”.

After their much-lauded Century Media debut “Prehistoricisms” their sophomore offering, “Valley of Smoke”, was once again produced by the acclaimed Josh Newell (Jane’s Addiction) and will quickly solidify them as genre visionaries. The cover artwork was handled by David D’Andrea (www.dvdandrea.com) who designed albums for Wino, Ulver and Witchcraft, as well as several gig posters for Sleep, High On Fire, Isis, etc..

Praised by Decibel Magazine as “one of the most anticipated albums of 2010” – “Valley of Smoke” is destined to become one of metal’s biggest surprises this year!

Sacha Dunable (vocals/guitars) states: “The new album was quite exhausting, but it's paid off. Josh Newell killed it on the production side of things even while bogged down with some more lucrative projects, and we were lucky enough to have this guy Justin (from some band I won't name drop, but will say that it rhymes with ‘Cool’) come in and co-write/perform on a song with us where we have two drummers and two bassists going at once. That's right folks, pure excess. Other than that, this record rules so much that I'm literally embarrassed to have been a part of everything we've done up until now. Not to sound pretentious, but this is absolutely the best music ever made.”

As a first glimpse at what to expect you can now listen to the brand-new track “Elegy” and watch some footage from the album’s recording sessions:

Furthermore, the album’s instrumental title-track employees the use of two drum sets and two bass guitars resulting in one of the band’s most epic pieces yet. Check out the following making-of clip to witness the creation of the song:

To properly promote the new album live, the band will kick off the touring cycle as direct support of Alt-Metal icons HELMET in the US from early October on, followed by a full European tour in early 2011. So, stay tuned to www.myspace.com/intronaut for updates and further information on the band!