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11 January 2011
Morgoth: More “Cursed” anniversary shows confirmed for 2011; New drummer announced!
Morgoth:  More “Cursed” anniversary shows confirmed for 2011; New drummer announced!
With the news of a MORGOTH reunion in order to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the release of their classic “Cursed” album spreading, the anticipation and excitement regarding a comeback to stages for this seminal German Death Metal act continues to grow. In the past weeks, the resurrected band has been confirmed to appear at several notable open air festival events for 2011 in Germany. Here is the exact list of dates announced so far:

MORGOTH – Live 2011:
10.-12.06. Gelsenkirchen (Germany) – Rock Hard Festival / www.rockhardfestival.de
23.-25.06. Hünxe (Germany) – Deathfeast / www.deathfeast.de
04.-06.08. Wacken (Germany) – Wacken Open Air / www.wacken.com
11.-13.08. Schlotheim (Germany) – Party.San Open Air / www.party-san.de

The band’s setlist will mainly consist of songs from the “Cursed” album as well as some cuts from the classic 1989/1990 EP‘s “Resurrection Absurd” and “The Eternal Fall”.

MORGOTH have been recently locked up in their rehearsal realms to audition drummers and can now proudly announce former Destruction / Orth drummer Marc Reign for their upcoming 2011 live shows. The band comments as follows: “We are happy to announce Marc Reign as the one who will be handling the drum duties during our shows for the 20th anniversary of the release of the “Cursed” album. During the rehearsals we felt very quickly that Marc would fit perfectly to us as his punch and timing are incredible! Welcome aboard!”

Marc Reign added the following: “In 1990 when I was a teenage kid into Death Metal I went to a MORGOTH Show (with Demolition Hammer and Obituary) at Berlin’s ‘Ecstasy’ and was amazed by the fact that the German Death Metal formation MORGOTH could compete with the American scene bands. When 20 years later Mille of Kreator introduced me to those guys it was totally clear to me what I wanted to do: Going back to my Death Metal roots and jam the hell out! The rehearsals turned out being awesome, so we’ve decided to work together! The power was right there…and a dream came true! See you at the summer festivals!”

The band’s final line-up for the upcoming anniversary shows is therefor now completed to be:

Marc Grewe – Vocals
Harry Busse – Guitar
Sebastian Swart – Guitar
Thilo Mellies – Bass
Marc Reign – Drums

To already wet your appetite enjoy this old official Century Media clip for the song “Isolated” taken from the “Cursed” album:

More MORGOTH shows will be announced in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out for news here: