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04 February 2011
The Crown : “Falling 'neath The Heaven's Sea” video online!
The Crown :  “Falling 'neath The Heaven's Sea” video online!
Sweden’s THE CROWN are a band that is trying to avoid well trodden paths. Hence they have made a very special video available that only a few heavy bands would dare to release. Their friend and photographer Patrik Skoglöw followed them around to create an animated photo-video for the song “Falling ‘neath The Heaven’s Sea”. The song was only available as bonus-track on their latest album “Doomsday King”.
Please head to www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwfOKgDBCjo in order to check out some unique tunes and matching visuals.

THE CROWN are confirmed for the following festivals:
29.07.2011 (D) Obersinn - Eisenwahn Festival (www.eisenwahn.com)
30.07.2011 (D) Loerrach - Baden In Blut Festival (www.metal-maniacs.net)

European press on “Doomsday King”:
Soundcheck #1, Close Up (S)
"… Sweden death with Rock’n’Roll attitude…” soundcheck #7, Legacy (D)
“…Thrash songs that are interlarded with melodies and come with Motörhead-flair […] will get everybody, who was already in the pit during DEATHRACE KING times, into the mood for moshing.” soundcheck #8, Metal Hammer, (D)
“’Doomsday King’ is a strong comeback-album that will catch you by surprise with his impressive heaviness.” Soundcheck #9, Rock Hard (D)
“Our Prayers have been heard…” soundcheck #10, Heavy (D)
“Welcome back!” Fuze (D)

Visit THE CROWN online: