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05 April 2011
Sonne Adam: new album “Transformation” OUT NOW! Exclusive premiere of new song at Terrorizer (UK) website!
Sonne Adam:  new album “Transformation” OUT NOW! Exclusive premiere of new song at Terrorizer (UK) website!
“Transformation”, the stunning first album by Israel-based death metal band SONNE ADAM is now available in Europe! Expect one of the most crushing, most tormented and most evil sounding death metal debuts since 1991!

To allow you another glimpse at the pitch-black grandeur of this album, SONNE ADAM have teamed up with UK’s renowned Terrorizer magazine to present you the brand-new track “Take Me Back To Where I Belong”, check it out here:

http://truecultheavymetal.com/blog1.php/2011/04/05/exclusive-sonne-adam-track URL

Also visit the band’s Facebook page to stream the album opener “We Who Worship The Black”: http://www.facebook.com/sonneadam

SONNE ADAM’s “Transformation” is now available in Europe as CD, strictly limited Deluxe Digipak + woven patch and LP in the following versions:

- black vinyl, clear/black marbled vinyl (ltd. to 100 copies) exclusively available at Imperium Productions ([email protected])

- white vinyl (ltd. to 100 copies) exclusively available at Nuclear Blast (www.nuclearblast.de www.nuclearblast.de)

- gold vinyl (ltd. to 100 copies) exclusively available at CM Distro (www.cmdistro.de URL)

All vinyls are pressed on 180g virgin vinyl and also include a poster!

SONNE ADAM – Transformation (41:44) track-listing:

1. We Who Worship The Black (05:56)

2. I Sing His Words (04:41)

3. Sonne Adam (04:29)

4. Solitude In Death (02:03)

5. Take Me Back To Where I Belong (04:12)

6. Shine (05:51)

7. I Claim My Birth In Blood (03:35)

8. Transformation (05:00)

9. Apocalypse (05:57)

New SONNE ADAM Line-up:

Dahan : vocals, bass

Davidov : guitars

Mayer : guitars

Steel : Drums

Apart from its skilful compositions, its organic and warm sound, the album is further enhanced by sinister artwork by the band’s comrade, young artist Ofer Inbal who already cooperated with SONNE ADAM on their previous 7” EP release “Armed With Hammers”. The cover perfectly captures the metaphorical, dark and blasphemous tone of the lyrics and ultimately makes “Transformation” an authentic, occult and earnest metal opus that leaves nothing to desire and should find many new supporters among extreme metalheads worldwide. It’s an album that propagates originality implying respect for the original precursors and creative ingenuity in equal measure. It’s damn great dark death metal, plain and simple…

SONNE ADAM online: