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26 April 2011
Insomnium: release „Weather The Storm“ single and video
Insomnium:  release „Weather The Storm“ single and video
Since their first album in 2002 INSOMNIUM developed to one of the most promising and unique Melodic Death Metal bands. In 2010 they’ve been honored with the Finnish Metal Award for Best Band and Best Album (“Across The Dark”, 2009). Shortly before their 2010 tour with Dark Tranquillity they recorded the new track “Weather The Storm” with Mikael Stanne on guest vocals and performed the song together in London on September 28th. Director Janne Tamminen filmed the show and you can watch the video here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=xdCSJaQjfXw

Niilo Sevänen (vocals/bass): “Weather the Storm music video was shot at Underworld, London last autumn when we were touring with Dark Tranquillity. The house was sold out, we had a great show and people got really crazy – so it was really a night to remember! London, we salute you! Mikael Stanne joined us on stage for this special song so huge thanks to him!”

Mikael Stanne (Dark Tranquillity, vocals): "The guys have always impressed me with their stuff so I was honored to be asked to join them on a song. This turned out to be an amazing song. Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do."

“Weather The Storm“ is now available as a digital single with the previously unreleased instrumental “Beyond The Horizon” as b-side. You can buy it at nearly every digital distribution platform or follow the links to your local iTunes stores:

UK: bit.ly/e2uisF
Finnland: bit.ly/gme1ul
Sweden: bit.ly/hL7EMo
Norway: bit.ly/dJvhuL
Germany: bit.ly/fgs0BQ
France: bit.ly/gie5uH
Italy: bit.ly/eJq6SN
Spain: bit.ly/ekjXsE
Australia: bit.ly/hr8LHV

INSOMNIUM just started recording their upcoming album for autumn 2011 release. Stayed tuned for more details and check Insomnium's newly built fan base system at www.insomnium.net .