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20 May 2011
Earth Crisis: reveal “Neutralize The Threat” cover art! Back in Europe in July!
Earth Crisis:  reveal “Neutralize The Threat” cover art! Back in Europe in July!
EARTH CRISIS will release their crushing new opus “Neutralize the Threat” on July 4th in Europe and July 12th in US. The most controversial band in hardcore also teamed up with artist Ryan Clark to create the artwork surrounding the latest album culminating in an outstanding cover. Ryan had the following to say:

"Earth Crisis was a seminal band for me. When I was introduced to hardcore, EC was a band that seemed to stand out from the rest. Their unique blend of metal and hardcore made me an instant fan. I remember many EC shows in the mid nineties, climbing atop the crowd, pointing at Karl, screaming "Street by street! Block by block!"
These guys are partly responsible for what I've been doing with my life for the past 15+ years, so when I was asked to create the artwork for their 2011 record, I naturally jumped at the chance. Not only were they absolutely great to work with, but they've still got it- Neutralize is a flat-out SICK record."

EARTH CRISIS will reveal a new song next week!

The track-listing for “Neutralize the Threat” is as follows:

1. Raise
2. Neutralize The Threat
3. Total War
4. 100-Kiloton Blast
5. Counterstrike
6. By Conscience Compelled
7. Black Talons Tear
8. Askari
9. The Eradicators
10. Raze

Around the release of the new album EARTH CRISIS will play several festivals and selected shows in Europe, so check the dates below:

01.07. Weinheim - Café Central (Germany)
02.07. Roitzschjora - With Full Force (Germany)
03.07. Oberhausen - Schacht (Germany)
04.07. Immenhausen - Akku (Germany)
07.07. Tilburg - Stage01 (Netherlands)
08.07. Copenhagen - The Rock (Denmark)
09.07. Gävle - Getaway Rock Festival (Sweden)