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Ceremonial Oath
The Book Of Truth (re-issue)
LP, CD and Digital Download
  1. Prologue: Sworn To Avenge
  2. Intro: The Hour Between Darkness And Dawn (performing as Desecrator)
  3. Remains Of Death (performing as Desecrator)
  4. Chapter I: The Invocator
  5. Chapter II: For I Have Sinned - The Praise
  6. Force Of Habit (performing as Desecrator)
  7. A Nocturnal Predator (performing as Desecrator)
  8. Chapter III: Enthroned
  9. Chapter IV: Only Evil Prevails
  10. Into The Abyss Of Hell (performing as Desecrator)
  11. The Invocator (performing as Desecrator)
  12. Chapter V: Thunderworld
  13. Chapter VI: Lords Of Twillight
  14. Necrosis (performing as Desecrator)
  15. The Lost Name Of God
  16. Chapter VII: Ceremonial Oath
  17. Chapter VIII: The Lost Name Of God
  18. For I Have Sinned / The Praise
  19. Chapter IX: The Book Of Truth
  20. Chapter X: Hellbound