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I Am Heresy
Thy Will
CD & Digital Download
  1. Rahabh
  2. Our Father
  3. March Of Black Earth
  4. Year Zero In The Temple Of Fire
  5. Destruction Anthems
  6. Thy Will I (Black Sun Alpha)
  7. Thy Will II (Black Sun Omega)
  8. Blasphemy Incarnate
  9. As We Break
  10. Alarm
  11. Seven Wolves And The Daughters Of Apocalypse
  12. Devour
  13. Throw Wide The Gates
  14. Hinnom I (Altar Of Fire & Earth)
  15. Hinnom II (This Is The Second Death)
  16. Unrepentant
  17. Violent Convulsions In The Throes Of Life
  18. Written In The Blood Of Wisdom