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Team International | Team North America
Adam Sagir UK Press & Promotion [The Noise Cartel] (Marketing / Publicity)
Antje Lange General Manager excl. North America (Management)
Arne Jamelle Head of Promotion (Europe) / Senior Publicist (Promotion)
Birgit Luhmeyer Print, Online & Tour Promotion (Europe) (Promotion)
Carsten Drescher Graphic- and audio processing [CEO Hafensatz GmbH] (Layout & Artwork)
Chekov Bender Making air smell funny (Production / Sales)
Christian Henz System & Network Administration [CEO IT Boys Dortmund GmbH] (IT)
Christoffer Diedrich Wholesale/Direct Sales Assistant (Warehouse)
Constanze Fehn Production and Sales Manager Europe (Production / Sales)
David Gulvin UK Sales & Marketing Manager (Marketing / Publicity)
Dennis Saia International PR People Like You Records [Starkult Promotion] (Marketing / Publicity)
Eike Schmale International PR People Like You Records [Starkult Promotion] (Marketing / Publicity)
Frank van Liempd BeNeLux (Insideout/Superball Music) [Petting Zoo] (Marketing / Publicity)
Freddy Palmer Label Manager UK / A&R (Insideout Music / Superball Music)
Freduard Freduard [Hafensatz GmbH] (Layout & Artwork)
Gerard Pelka CIO / Lead Developer [IT Boys Dortmund] (IT)
Giulia Distaso PR Italy [Spin-Go!] (Marketing / Publicity)
Janina Kasperidus Graphic Design [Hafensatz GmbH] (Layout & Artwork)
Jan-Ole Lamberti A&R / Product Management (A&R)
Jean Marc Tristani Label manager France [JMT Consulting] (Marketing / Publicity)
Jens Prueter Head Of A&R (A&R)
Jessica Lausen A&R / Product Management (InsideOut and Superball) (A&R)
Joerg Lindemann Digital Supply Chain/Data Warehousing (Production / Sales)
Jordan Existing, pretend to be a living being [Hafensatz GmbH] (Layout & Artwork)
Lars Schmidt Stock Controlling / Warehouse Manager (Wholesale / Warehouse)
Leif Jensen A & R / Product Management (A&R)
Liina Rislakki Label manager Finland (Marketing / Publicity)
Marc Bräutigam Direct Sales (Mailorder)
Marc Debie Wholesale / Warehouse (Wholesales Assistant)
Marc Peters Senior (Web) Developer / BI Specialist [IT Boys Dortmund] (IT)
Markus Freiwald Direct Sales / Wholesale (Wholesale / Warehouse)
Martin Materny Warehouse Assistant (Warehouse)
Melanie Schmidt A&R / Product Management (A&R)
Nasrin Vahdani Print Promotion Europe, Press Coordination International & Marketing GSA [Pirate Smile PR] (Marketing / Publicity)
Nora Dirkling Graphic Design [Hafensatz GmbH] (Layout & Artwork)
Paco Fernandez Label manager Spain & Portugal (Marketing / Publicity)
Patrick Schombert Graphic Design [Hafensatz GmbH] (Layout & Artwork)
Peter Klapproth PR GSA and European PR Coordination [Pirate Smile] (Insideout Music / Superball Music)
Philipp Schulte A&R / Product Management (A&R)
Piet (Production / Sales)
Potter R.I.P - Hanging around, Eating, Cuddling, being very very very cool [Hafensatz GmbH] (Layout & Artwork)
Robert Kampf (Founder)
Sascha Merkel PR GSA and European PR Coordination [Pirate Smile] (Insideout Music / Superball Music)
Stefan Franke A&R / Product Management (A&R)
Susana Morais Accounting (Accounting)
Ute Berau Accounting (Accounting)
Ute Dillenhöfer Copyrights and Licensing (Publishing / Licensing)
Valerie Lynch PR Italy [Spin-Go!] (Marketing / Publicity)
Wilko Reijnders Label manager BeNeLux (Marketing / Publicity)
Yanni Bender International Sales & Marketing Manager (Production / Sales)