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Andrew Fletcher Administration (CMDistro)
Branden Linnell President, Publishing (Publishing)
Chris Elder Warehouse Manager (Warehouse)
Daniel Dismal Product Manager (A&R)
Gabriela Castillo Invoicing (CMDistro)
Helen Braynis Copyright Manager / Mechanical Royalties (Publishing)
Jason Gulapa Asst. Warehouse Manager (CMDistro)
Jessica Toliver Director of Sales (Retail)
John Meadows COO (Management)
Jon Pebsworth Publicity (Publicity)
Jose Marquez Wholesale (CMDistro)
Marco Barbieri President (Management)
Mario Rubio Online Marketing (New Media)
Matt Foster Graphic Designer (Graphics)
Nikki Law Product Manager/ Publicist (A&R / Publicity)
Robert Kampf (Founder)
Ross Erkers Production Coordinator (Production)
Rusty Blasco Accounts Payable (Accounting)
Ryan Metheny Head of CMDistro (CMDistro)
Stephan Mellul (Rock The Nation US)
Stephanie Peralta Royalty / Intercompany accountant (Accounting)
Stephanie Shoulders Head of New Media (New Media)
Steve Joh Product Manager (A&R)
Tom Barnes Web Production (New Media)