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Harry Busse
Sotirios Kelekidis
Marc Reign
Sebastian Swart
Karsten “Jagger” Jäger

Today, the German Death Metal scene is thriving as never before, spawning internationally acclaimed up ‘n’ coming acts such as Necros Christos, Chapel Of Disease, Deserted Fear, Sulphur Aeon and many more. An ideal time for a legendary and pioneering act to finally return with a new album: In 2015, MORGOTH, one of the earliest and most important German Death Metal bands, present a stunning reunion record entitled “Ungod”!

Originally formed in 1987 by four young kids from Meschede, Marc Grewe (vocals, bass), Carsten Otterbach (guitar), Harry Busse (guitar), and Rüdiger Hennecke (drums) came together in order to wreak sonic havoc upon the scene. Still heavily inspired by classic thrash, their raw and aggressive debut demo tape, “Pits Of Utumno”, made its way to Robert Kampf’s newly founded Century Media Records in nearby Dortmund and MORGOTH’s second demo, “Resurrection Absurd”, was pressed onto vinyl in 1989 as the band’s proper first release.

From early 1990 on, MORGOTH took Europe by storm on tours with Pestilence and Autopsy, and their follow-up release “Eternal Fall” (1990) was mixed at the ultimate Death Metal temple: Tampa, Florida’s renowned Morrisound Studios (Death, Morbid Angel, Obituary). Due to being offered another European tour with Obituary and Demolition Hammer, the band only had time to record five songs, yet the new EP quickly became another much celebrated offering.

By the end of the year, new member Sebastian Swart (ex Dark Millennium) took over bass duties, leaving singer Marc to concentrate solely on vocals. “Cursed”, the band’s first proper full-length studio album was released in 1991, introducing fans of extreme Death Metal to a darker, foreboding atmosphere and still today is highly regarded as a unique and essential classic of the genre. Again, massive touring ensued, taking MORGOTH on their first US run with Kreator and Biohazard plus further intense gigging in Europe with the likes of Massacre and Immolation or also Paradise Lost and Unleashed.

The early 90's were the highpoint of the Death Metal movement and MORGOTH was the most active and visible German messenger of the style, but at the same time never shied away from expanding its sound. “Odium” (1993) contained industrial grooves and featured a cold, harsh atmosphere. European festival shows and tours with the likes of Tiamat and once more Unleashed followed, before MORGOTH put out a final studio album with “Feel Sorry For The Fanatic” in 1996, which was even more experimental, intertwining electronic and dark 80's influences. After a final European tour with Die Krupps and Richthofen, MORGOTH quietly split up in 1997...

In 2011, MORGOTH announced their long overdue return to the scene after almost 15 years of silence. Featuring original members Marc Grewe (vocals), Harry Busse (guitars), Sebastian Swart (now on guitars) as well as newly recruited Sotirios Kelekidis (bass) and Marc Reign (drums, ex Destruction), MORGOTH reunited for the 20th anniversary of their legendary “Cursed” album. A string of festival shows like Wacken (Germany), Hellfest (France), Summer Breeze (Germany), Brutal Assault (Czech Republic), Party.San (Germany), Neurotic Deathfest (The Netherlands), Rock Hard (Germany), Maryland Deathfest (USA), even the notorious the Barge To Hell cruise in the Caribbean as well as selected club-shows successfully re-established the band and exposed them to a legion of younger Death Metal maniacs, who finally could witness another revered 90’s act. As a musical and visual testimony of this comeback, MORGOTH’s first live release - mixed by Dan Swanö (Bloodbath, Edge Of Sanity) – came out as DVD and CD/LP via their longtime label home Century Media Records: 2012’s “Cursed To Live”.

In late 2013 and early 2014, MORGOTH took some months off from playing shows focusing on songwriting, since the good atmosphere and newly sparked creativity after their return naturally caused some new ideas to come up. Right before an incredibly successful and mostly sold out European tour with Bolt Thrower and re-releases of their “Pits Of Utumno” demo on vinyl as well as their “Odium” album, the first brand-new MORGOTH music after more than 15 years was launched in August 2014 with the release of the “God Is Evil” 7”EP / Digital Single, intended as appetizer for an upcoming studio album.

However, and despite the positive feedback on all fronts, the single turned out to become the last new recording with original vocalist Marc Grewe, as the band decided to part ways with him and instead move on to announced Karsten “Jagger” Jäger (also in Disbelief) as his replacement. Certainly not an ideal situation for a comeback album, but Jagger’s intense vocal delivery the band’s trademark riffing, gloomy feeling and memorable, straight forward approach on “Ungod” is true to MORGOTH’s legacy, which could be stylistically best ranged somewhere the “Curse” and “Odium” releases in the band’s catalogue and should leave no longterm supporter of the band unimpressed.

Following the dynamic overture piece “House Of Blood”, the rhythmical energy of the opening “Voice Of Slumber” and the relentless heaviness of “Snakestate” and “Black Enemy”, the album continues both a merciless and yet extremely diverse path with the up-tempo of “Descent Into Hell” as well as a first epic intermezzo with the album’s instrumental title track “Ungod” closing off the first chapter. Things pick up steam again with the catchy brutality of “Nemesis” and the title-track of the preceding EP, “God Is Evil”, before reaching another furious cornerstone with “Traitor”. The album’s ending section showcases the versatile and grooving “Prison In Flesh”, which carries over into an atmospheric final instrumental-piece dubbed “The Dark Sleep”. The album’s limited edition version will additionally include the track “Die As Deceiver” (Previously also the B-Side on the 7”) as well as a stunning cover version of “Battalions Of Strangers” by Fischer-Z as bonus.

The album was recorded, mixed and mastered in November and December 2014 by Jörn Michutta and Matthias Klinkmann at Sound Division Tonstudio in the band’s initial home-area of Sauerland / Germany, after having successfully tested the studio for the “God Is Evil” EP. The album’s artwork was created by Greece’s Seth Siro Anton, who has already worked for bands such as Paradise Lost, Soilwork or also Moonspell.

Supported by a string of special underground club shows around release in late March in their home country as well as appearances at prestigious festival events like Blastfest (Norway), Summer Breeze (Germany), Copenhell (Denmark), Hellfest (France), Graspop (Belgium) or also Wacken (Germany) in 2015, MORGOTH are perfectly prepared for their second coming. Behold the arrival of the “Ungod”!