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Backyard Babies
Sliver & Gold
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Nicke Borg
(Lead Vocals / Guitars)
(Lead Guitar / Vocals)
Johan Blomquist
Peder Carlsson

Decadence has always been the cornerstone of rock n roll. From brazen attitudes to loud riffs, rock’n’roll has always been indulgent in life’s sinful pleasures. Naturally, it only makes sense for rock’n’roll’s musical output to personify its ideals, enter BACKYARD BABIES. The ballsy and rockin four-piece from Nässjö, Sweden preceded any recent “rock revival” when they formed back in 1989, before the Swedish invasion began to sink its teeth in with The Hives, The Hellacopters and the like. After releasing their debut EP 1991, “Something To Swallow” and their 1994 full-length entitled “Diesel And Power” guitarist Dregen started to work with The Hellacopters as well. Upon recommencing in 1998, the BACKYARD BABIES released “Total 13”, 2001’s “Making Enemies Is Good” and 2003’s “Stockholm Syndrome” which epitomized what rock is all about decadently delicious songs and the cockiest of attitudes. “Making Enemies Is Good” and “Stockholm Syndrome” both earned BACKYARD BABIES a Swedish Grammy and a personal nod from Velvet Revolver as well as AC/DC to open their European tours, thus cementing the band’s reputation as a force to be reckoned with.

After releasing last year’s compilation and live CD package, “Tinnitus + Live Live In Paris” the Backyard Babies again turned heads when they toured alongside Social Distortion in Europe and the U.S. Never resting on their laurels, the Babies have a new album brimming with confidence and their patented throwback rock flair. Produced by Nicke Andersson, guitarist of The Hellacopters, the new album, titled “People Like People Like People Like Us” is a celebration of all that the Babies have been known for while giving listeners a few new sonic treats in the process. The band: “It’s a more dynamic album with a more modulated sound where Nicke Andersson taught us how to ‘play together’ but at the same time it was his restlessness that gave the album its honest and simple sound. We wrote more intense and under a shorter period than ever before. A challenge that proved to be just positive since you don’t have time to analyze everything to pieces.”

Known as real road dogs the BACKYARD BABIES will go on tour right after the album release on April 24th. “We have never been this anxious to hit the stages again, cause playin’ live is the only fuel this band needs to keep on being the counterweight in a fucked up business.” Pleased to meet you…