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Four Seconds Ago
The Vacancy
CD Jewelcase, Digital Album

Jake Bowen
(Programming, Guitar, Vocals)
Misha Mansoor
(Programming, Guitar, Vocals)

The creativity of kindred spirits knows no bounds. Any medium, vehicle, or genre transforms into a canvas once that harmony becomes unlocked between artists. For as much as FOUR SECONDS AGO relies on the interplay of analog synths, organic electronics, lush guitars, and ethereal vocals, it equally leans on the union of Jake Bowen and Misha Mansoor. Known for their guitar virtuosity, programming, and arranging in progressive juggernaut PERIPHERY, the duo explore another side of their sonic synergy. It comes to life via the downtempo dreamscapes of “The Vacancy“, their debut as FOUR SECONDS AGO and the inaugural release for 3Dot Recordings—which was founded by the five members of PERIPHERY. It stands alone at the nexus of chilled-out electronic music and sci-fi reverence. “Misha and I have really incredible chemistry when it comes to music,” affirms Jake. “We’ve written a ton of songs together, and it just comes out easily. With FOUR SECONDS AGO, there was no pressure, because we had no expectations. It’s also something we’ve wanted to do since I first joined PERIPHERY in 2006. We initially bonded over Telefon Tel Aviv, Trifonic, Prefuse 73, and other similar acts and talked about a project for years. However, we weren’t ready to do this until now.” It would be their time in PERIPHERY that ultimately prepared them to write and record “The Vacancy“. Over the past decade-plus, the musicians developed a deeper understanding of synthesizers and sequencing. They shared concepts regularly and discussed teaming for an EP. Marking a pivotal moment, the release of Bowen’s solo record, Isometric, contributed to his growth as an electronic composer. “We finally had the chops necessary to do a record together,” he goes on. “When we sat down to write, I knew what to expect because I had made Isometric. However, it was easy because there were two of us this time.” As they caught a wave of inspiration during 2018 sessions at Misha’s studio in Silver Spring, MD, the idea of doing an EP quickly transformed into a full-length body of work. Introducing this realm, „The Vacancy“ commences on the delicate drone of first single and opener “Fadeaway.” Airy synths entwine with a hummable guitar melody as Jake’s breathy vocal musings transfix. Taking its title from a comic book narcotic of the same name, “Fadeaway” immediately intoxicates. Elsewhere, celestial melodies coast over stacked percussion and robotic techno-style transmissions during “Galaxy.” Everything culminates on the expansive title track “The Vacancy,” which unfurls over seven blissful minutes and explodes into a high-energy mid-section based on “a crazy and wild melodic passage that Misha came up with.” In the end, the creativity between Jake and Misha encodes more surprises to come. “We’ve got something really special,” Jake leaves off. “„The Vacancy“ is not what anyone would expect from us. Who knows where it will go, but we’re enjoying the ride. When you hear this, I hope it opens the door for you to check out more electronic music.”