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The Alligator Wine
Demons Of The Mind
Ltd. CD Digipak, black LP+CD & Digital album

Thomas Teufel
(Drums, Vocals, Percussion)
Rob Vitacca
(Vocals, Organ, Synthesizer)

The Alligator Wine take you to a psychedelic journey into a dark yet groovy space.
Inpsired by early 70s music, horror movies and fashion those two guys from the Black Forest pump out everything from creepy dark tunes to 70s disco grooves.

But "The Alligator Wine" manage to merge their deep spaces and distorted grooves into supercatchy and great songs that can spice up any party or funeral! And the coolest part: It's only two people and there are no guitars at all!

They just need a Hammond organ, a Moog bass, Drums and a lot of weird effects to create their unique sound. If you wanna hear the Kraut version of "The Doors" or some "Led Zeppelin" - like Riffs played without any guitars, here's your chance!

Wanna dive into a haunting Twin Peaks atmosphere? Check out "Lorane"!
Wanna celebrate the terminal party with the ultimate substance cocktail? Enjoy "The Flying Carousel".

Get to know the "New Vintage"! Breathing the atmosphere of the 70s in a totally new soundscape. "The Alligator Wine" are releasing their debut album on April 24th via Century Media.

The Alligator Wine were founded in 2016 as an experimental Krautrock project by:
Rob Vitacca (voice, organ, moog bass, percussion)
Thomas Teufel (drums, spooky voice)

Combining the vibes of experimental 70s music with a certain, modern pop appeal was the goal. Their unique instrumentation makes them stand out immidiately.
Going for a distorted organ in a 100% guitar dominated scene and replacing the bass guitar with an analog synth was the key to their sound.

They released their first EP „The Flying Carousel“in 2018, followed by the first tour supporting „The Picturebooks“.

„Demons of the Mind“ is the culmination of everything they have done so far.
Balancing between suicidal partymode and the deepest, melancholic moments, this album offers a variety of atmospheres that have never been presented like this.

Hop on „The Flying Carousel“ and dive into the world of the reptile!