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Mass Worship
Mass Worship
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Hailing out of Scandinavia, MASS WORSHIP is a darkened metal band tastefully adding onto the rich legacy of Scandinavian metal with their uniquely heavy and gritty sound. The Stockholm-based band was officially formed in January of 2018, but the members carry a rich history comprising of relentless touring and recording schedules and the future that lies ahead of MASS WORSHIP will be no different.

On the back of the release of the “Spiritual Destitution” single (Isolation Records) the band set out on the road sharing stages across genres with diverse bands such as Vader, Comeback Kid, Malevolence and now-label mates Implore.

Like true north, desolation and destruction have been the guiding forces in painting this dark and cold world that is MASS WORSHIP. On the essence of the band, drummer Fred Forsberg comments: “MASS WORSHIP is a glimpse into the underbelly of our reality, a realm running parallel to our everyday lives; hauntingly familiar, yet completely foreign and isolated — always present for us all to tap into. Our goal has consistently been to let our songs live and breathe in this space, and to try and bring the listener in.”

Following a year of meticulously working on their self-titled debut album, the quartet entered Spinroad Studios in October of 2018 to record all the drum tracks - a prestigious studio located in an early 1900’s building right outside of Gothenburg, Sweden. All bass, guitar and vocal tracks were recorded and mixed in Fuck Life Studios by the band’s own Fred Forsberg, with selected guitar tracks being re-amped by Fredrik Nordström at Studio Fredman, and mastering duties handled by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege.

On handling most of the creative efforts within the band itself and holding onto parts of the DIY-mentality that the band is rooted in, Søren Bomand (guitar) elaborates: “We’ve all been in bands that were a pure and raw expression of ourselves. A big part throughout the creative process has been to take our time and try to organize those expressions into something a bit more structured. We have been using the urgency of emotions together with a more deliberate and refined approach to the songwriting and the production - this also meant keeping as much as possible of the production process within the band, all the way from writing to recording and mixing.“
Building on the rich legacy of Scandinavian metal, the band seeks to merge old and new, punk and metal - chaos and disorder - into one single entity. Claes Nordin (vocals) continues: “Like many bands we grew up listening to we see a clear connection between metal and punk, and bands that successfully mix the two have always made a huge impact on us. We want this band to make use of the urgency and pure force of punk without losing the finesse and intricacy of metal. There’s a bunch of old school bands we all love and cherish, such as At The Gates, Entombed and Dismember, as well as a ton of more modern sounding bands like Meshuggah, Mastodon and Neurosis that we all like equally as much.”

The band is looking forward to taking their heavy riffs out of the Scandinavian darkness onto the road and beyond.