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Mimi Barks
(Vocals, Production)

If Trap Metal came screaming out of the digital womb, a sonic playa hater wired to disrupt the code of those who came before, then the likes of MIMI BARKS are the future of the glitchy genre. Her “from-the-heart-guts-n-soul” smash of trap beats and raspy, pissed-off vocals has been self-christened: “DOOM TRAP” and the name fits. It’s the bitter pill the former Berliner-now-relocated-to-London intends to smear all over the genre in a way that’s punk-as-fuck and louder-than-hell. This is the sound of music eating its young. Imagine Hip Hop word fire, electronic beats and slashing guitars chewed up and spat out by Trap’s chopped beats, distorted basslines and general weirdness. Like the Borg say – Resistance is futile.
Barks’ first LP-length flips the switch on a scene already populated and punctuated by the likes of Ghostemane, Ho99o9, Scarlxrd or $uicideboy$. “I wanted to separate my music from the Trap Metal scene,” Barks says. “Where Trap Metal is mostly known for being uplifting and lyrically smug, DOOM TRAP for me is more profound. The overall atmosphere is darker and heavier. It has more despair, more dread, and I think a lot more that people can relate to.”
Mimi split her hometown in the Western German ‘burbs for the clubs of Berlin in the early ‘10’s. She recalls her upbringing as the proverbial fuse waiting to be lit. A child of the 90’s Barks became a teenage punk fueled on The Sex Pistols, The Prodigy, Marilyn Manson, Nu-Metal, Hip-Hop, beats, alienation and anger. “There were no boundaries for me musically,” she recounts. “The only boundary I had was my surroundings.” Berlin, with its clubs, music and art scene became the quantum accelerator for the Barks. “That’s where MIMI BARKS was born,” she states. “Berlin was about possibilities for me. The style. The music. The freedom. Everything before that was me being non-existent, depressed and stuck in my hometown.”
Berlin became nothing short of a sleep-all-day-work-all-night immersion for Barks. Working ‘til the early AM hours at Techno clubs and then straight to the studio to work on new tracks. This plunge into beats and bacchanalia set the stage for MIMI BARKS to embrace the roughshod, cut-n-paste possibilities of Trap Music. “Trap was the perfect expression for me of how I was feeling – right down to the frustration, the anger and the pain,” Barks recalls. A move to London and the release of 2019’s Enter the Void EP was the next step and stage-setter for MIMI BARKS. “I eventually ran out of inspiration in Germany,” she admits. “What I was doing was too aggressive for the scene there.”
Her next step: releasing a steady stream of tracks, mostly recorded in a dank London basement. "The Dark" was released in October 2019 and followed by a grip of hard chargers and digital anthems including "Error", "Carnifex", "Poison", "Big Ass Chains" and "Transient", most of which were produced by Scarlxrd producers muppy and NUIXGE.
MIMI BARKS is an artist of NOW: baring digital teeth across multiple platforms with a vibrancy that can only come out of these turbulent times. The musical evolution/revolution that’s led to her upcoming album is truly a riot of her own. MIMI BARKS’ a signal-to-noise is the sound of music poised on the brink of damn near everything. She’s not afraid to rebel against the Soundcloud Rap-borne trappings of the scene that helped spawn her. “The album isn’t just about purely rapping or screaming,” Mimi states. “There’s that, but there’s melodies as well as tracks that range from pure Hip Hop to Techno-Industrial mixed with Trap, Metal and some almost psychedelic moments. It’s not merely a collection of singles. It’s an album with plenty of moods that you’re going to feel high walking away from.