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The Cold White Light (Re-issue 2016)
Gatefold black LP, Gatefold clear LP, Gatefold transp. blue LP, Gatefold white LP, Gatefold silver LP

Ville Laihiala
Sami Lopakka
Miika Tenkula
Sami Kukkohovi
Vesa Ranta

Finally, the ultimate legacy of dearly missed SENTENCED will hit European shops November 27th: Their long-awaited DVD and CD “Buried Alive”, SENTENCED’s first official live-document that gives their dedicated fans no less than their last ever show, recorded October 1st, 2005. The impressive, more than 120 minutes long set was visually accompanied by pyrotechnics, a gloomy stage décor and some surprising effects. Fortunately the entire event was filmed and recorded by Klaffi Productions from Oulu (who already did the awesome clip for “Ever-Frost” and the brand new live-clip for “Despair-Ridden Hearts“) and will now be released to offer at least a small compensation to those who could not witness the concert live.
It is beyond doubt that SENTENCED - as masters of melancholy - delivered a decisive impulse that others successfully turned into poppier sounds like HIM, Charon or even The Rasmus - yet SENTENCED remained always true to the metal-genre.
After a run of funeral appearances on various European festivals the inventors of suicide rock did a last run of club shows in their native Finland that culminated in two final shows in their hometown Oulu on September 30th and October 1st of last year. On this last trip they were accompanied by a dear friend of theirs for the “Home Soil Funeral Procession” documentary that gives an intimate insight into the life on Finnish roads. In addition, you’ll find lots of extra material like a 30 minutes, animated photo-gallery, all seven video-clips the band ever did including a band-new one for “Despair-Ridden Hearts”, fun-stuff like behind the scenes of their morbid photo-session, video-shooting of the humorous “Ever-Frost” clip and a signing session in their hometown as well as extensive interviews with their original singer Taneli Jarva (who also did vocals on five songs) and Sami Lopakka together with Ville Laihiala. All together this DVD release gives you more than 300 minutes of video and audio-material, mainly from the last year of the band’s existence.
At the height of their success the band called it quits after 16 years and carried themselves to their graves with dignity and grace. On the very night of their final live show, “The Funeral Album” was certified gold status in their native Finland – which was SENTENCED’s 2nd gold album after “The Cold White Light”.
SENTENCED and their swansong “The Funeral Album” were honoured posthumously with these three Finnish Metal Awards during the Finnish Metal Expo February 17th, 2006:
- Album Of The Year
- Band Of The Year
- Cover Artwork Of The Year

Century Media Records mourn the passing of their northernmost sons, SENTENCED, who were born into this heartless world in 1989 and who have chosen a merciful end, at their own hands, as of October 2005. Your heart we could not mend, your grave we shall now tend…

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