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Heart Of A Coward
Ltd. CD Jewelcase in O-Card, Digital album

Jamie Graham
Carl Ayers
Steve Haycock
Vishal "V" Khetia
Christopher "Noddy" Mansbridge

Since their inception in 2009 the heavyweight metal quintet has already come a long way on the never ending journey to ultimate mastery.

Against all odds that hit a band during the first years of their existence such as several line-up changes and songs being written over the time of several years, HEART OF A COWARD’s self-released “Hope And Hindrance” already secured them critical acclaim.

Add the undisputable ferocity of their chaos filled live shows - and you’ll see exactly why HEART OF A COWARD are one of the UK's hottest prospects right now.

Jamie is having a quick glance back: “’Hope And Hindrance’ got a reaction we totally didn't expect from a self-released debut. We are very proud of it, because it laid the foundation of our sound.”

However, the album also made them realise what they could achieve if they really knuckled down and honed their songs further.

“With our second record 'Severance' I think we achieved that and then some- Steve and Carl were so fast with the riff writing that when it came for us to put the songs together, it just fell into place seamlessly and we wanted to create a mid paced record to stand out amidst all the blast beat ridden stuff. It's undoubtedly heavier than our debut, but has a lot more 'traditional song structures' in that we focused on choruses and arrangements that are engaging, as opposed to riff after riff after riff.”

The album was mixed at Machine Shop in New Jersey, USA, by Will Putney. “In our opinion Will is the best up and coming American producer right now within the heavy sphere. He just has such a good ear and has done great work for our friends in Thy Art Is Murder and Demoraliser, as well as some huge records like Suicide Silence's ‘No Time To Bleed'.”

Soon after the release of Severance HEART OF A COWARD embarked on tours with Thy Art Is Murder, After The Burial, Aversions Crown, Malevolence and Suicide Silence. Videos for ‘Psychophant’ and ‘Distance’ followed before a final UK tour with Sikth to round off 2014, before heading out with Metal Titans Machine Head to close the campaign.

The spring of 2015 was an intense one of writing and piecing together the band’s strongest and most complete offering yet- the ‘difficult 3rd album’…however it proved to be anything but, with the band hitting a creative stride and taking only 6 months to write the brand new album DELIVERANCE, released October 2nd.

Produced this time entirely by Justin Hill and the band, DELIVERANCE is without a doubt the most complete offering yet.

“We had such a good time recording the vocals with Justin on SEVERANCE that the discussion to do the entire record this time round for the new campaign made total sense. He has a supreme ear for melody and DELIVERANCE, as dark as it is, definitely takes the crown in terms of ‘most melodic HOAC album’. There’s a few huge curveballs on there.'”

A record that contains all the crushing aspects that made SEVERANCE such an enticing prospect, but with a more evolved and mature sense of arrangement and structure never before seen in HOAC’s genre, DELIVERANCE raises the bar.
This is a record that will set them apart from their counterparts purely from the strength of the songs alone, not to mention the devastating live set the band will be bringing to this new record’s campaign.

First single ‘Hollow’ was released just before HOAC’s performance on Download Festi-val’s MainStage and was received with rapturous excitement, before more European festivals including a rapturous set at With Full Force. With the album on the horizon for October, this is only the start, the calm before the storm, whilst DELIVERANCE’s campaign goes into full swing.