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Earthless Pagan Spirit
Ltd. CD, Gatefold LP and Digital Download

Twan van Geel
Remco Kreft
Eric Daniels
Bob Bagchus

Earthless: Beyond this world
Pagan: Beyond god
Spirit: At one with the cosmic foreverness

Dutch blackened Death Doom Metallers SOULBURN return with their third album, “Earthless Pagan Spirit”...darker than ever!
Originally SOULBURN emerged after a first demise of Dutch death metal legend Asphyx in the mid 90’s, when founding members Eric Daniels (guitars) and Bob Bagchus (drums) looked for a seperate outlet to unleash their mutual obsession with Bathory, Venom and Celtic Frost. After a demo and the cult “Feeding On Angels” debut album via Century Media Records in 1998, which featured Wannes Gubbels (Pentacle) on vocals/bass, as well as a few selected shows (including an appearance at Wacken Open Air 1998) SOULBURN were put to rest again when Asphyx returned with “On The Wings Of Inferno” (2000) with the same line-up. SOULBURN was dead, buried, but not forgotten...as they resurfaced 16 years in their new line-up featuring the core of Eric Daniels (guitars) and Bob Bagchus (drums), teaming up with Twan van Geel (Flesh Made Sin, Legion Of The Damned) as vocalist/bassist and Remco Kreft (Grand Supreme Blood Court, Nailgun Massacre, Xenomorph) as second guitarist for the release of “The Suffocating Darkness” in 2014.
In its new incarnation, “The Suffocating Darkess” saw SOULBURN delving deeper into occult and morbid topics than ever before, while musically retaining the trademark Bagchus/Daniels sound, also due to recording with the ever faithful Harry Wijering (Harrow Productions) and mix/mastering by Dan Swanö (Unisound Recordings). After another run of succesful festival appearances (Including Party.San, Neurotic Deathfest or also Turock Open Air) as well as shows with Bolt Thrower and Morgoth in support of “The Suffocating Darkness”, SOULBURN had also released a split 7” with Desaster (featuring the song “The Last Monument Of God”), but already begun composing material for a next album release...
“Earthless Pagan Spirit” was once more recorded in The Netherlands at Harrow Studio as well as Double Noise Studio and then mixed and mastered by Magnus "Devo" Andersson at Endarker Studio Sweden (Marduk, Ofermod, etc.) and showcases SOULBURN from an even rawer and more demonic angle as ever before, as SOULBURN vocalist & bass-player Twan van Geel explains: SOULBURN’s “Earthless Pagan Spirit” marks the band’s third full-length album since the 1996 debut album “Feeding On Angels”.

As people often say about a band’s third album is that it should show the bands ‘true’ face. Well, “Earthless Pagan Spirit” melts the rough elements of the past in perfect balance with the corrosive taste of the new. Showing a band who have set out a delicate blend of old-school breathing Black Metal that strengthens its venom with a poisonous twist of Doom and Death Metal. Where its predecessor “The Suffocating Darkness” already wandered, “Earthless Pagan Spirit” sets its sails further down the blackest of seas. Lyrically “Earthless Pagan Spirit” is breathing a Nietzschean storm upon this narrow minded religious plague this world is infested by. A serpent’s tongue spreading fear to some, yet a glorified temptation to others. Those who read between the lines may illuminate in its satanic glare and find new meaning in them.”
Behold the howling at the heart of death…