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Hakim Krim
(Guitar, Vocals)
Adam Lindmark
Martin Nordin
Ryan Kemp

Rocking on all cylinders, wild and free, Dead Lord have brought the furious talent of their music-craft and the promise of their songwriting to the fore with their new album Surrender. Dead Lord’s fourth record, after the breakout Goodbye Repentance 2013, the follow up Heads Held High 2015 and their breakthrough album In Ignorance We Trust 2017, Surrender is a one-stop shop of everything from sweet licks and stylish solos, to simply remarkable catchy songs that hit you in the feels, and fill the gas- tank to the brim. Whether getting yourself through the hard days or rising up in the rebellious struggles of our time, raising a middle finger to the air never felt so good when taking the medicine that Surrender has to offer.

Drummer Adam Lindmark expands on the band’s goals by explaining:
“The mission with Surrender was, and still is, to prove that we’re willing and capable to make the best album we have made to date, both to our audience and fans, but equal measure to ourselves. The last couple of years have been a bit different for us, now with the global pandemic, and before that we weren’t able to hit the road and melt as many faces as we are used to, so Surrender for us is somewhat of a mental comeback. This time, with a vengeance!”

Surrender was conceived, written and performed by Hakim Krim on lead, heart-wrenching vocals and screaming electric guitar; Martin Nordin on mid-range-madness-guitar and angelic backing vocals; and Adam Lindmark on the mayhem-like pandemonic expression of animal instinct that are the drums. The thunderous low-range-groove-duty of the electric bass guitar was shared between Mr. Krim and Mr. Nordin for ultimate rockage. The newly suped-up configuration of Dead Lord, joined by Ryan Kemp on live bass, has opened up a new sonic highway, picking up the pace and revving their songs to greater heights than ever before.

Synonymous with the giant names of rock and in the same breath, rarely does a band stand on the shoulders of the greats so proudly and more justified. Dead Lord should find their home in any self-respecting rock-aficionados top tier collection, next to treasured vinyls of bands like Nazareth, Thin Lizzy, early ZZ Top and Free.

On Surrender’s narrative drive, front-man and singer Hakim says:
“We’re sticking to the old way of looking at the world through hopeless glasses. A bit of heart break and a reflection of the times we live in. Trying to channel what’s wrong with the world and ourselves into a snappy upbeat rock record. Rock now, cry later.”

Stellar guitar rock, fresh and unleashed, as Dead Lord reinvigorates and rewires a long-lost style, rocketing it into a new era with stone-cold future studio classics. Surrender conveys the sense, palpable at the shows, of the magnetic chemistry and rolling thunder the Dead Lord live extravaganza always floors you with. You can hear the fun and fever, feel the crackle and burn of the reels as they capture a rare rock and roll lightning strike, as if you were standing in the wings with the drug-dealers and crazed leather rebels of days gone by.

Humbucking their way into the mixing desk of Robert Pehrsson’s Studio Humbucker in Stockholm, Dead Lord couldn’t have found a more fitting sparring partner for their live burst of untamed rawk. Pehrsson has helped hone Dead Lord’s classy riffs and king kong energy into a diamond-cut crystal of top-drawer rhythm and blues.

On Surrender’s sterling sound-craft, Adam dubs it:
“Felt-melting, sock-dispersing, screaming-guitar-laden, extravagant Rock and Roll. And I wouldn’t be lying.”

Radio-ready, melodious jewels of classic rock that swagger with sophistication and heart, kick back and let Dead Lord pour their solid gold vibrations out of your speakers and transform your laptop or headphones into a blaring full-stack of tweed tones and sweet analogue warmth. Face-melting vintage amplifiers cooking on max, and a sophisticated retro-chic finesse that will twin-guitar you into a frenzy, Surrender is an album to submit to.