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Nicole Sabouné
Special Edition CD Digipak, black LP+CD, Digital album

Nicole Sabouné

Nicole Sabouné was introduced to the Swedish music scene when she released her debute album "Must Exist" in 2014. She has now developed and created her own atmospheric universe with the upcoming new album "Miman"

The dark and post-punk influenced esthetics from the debut can still be noticed but has been formed and reformed at "Miman". Sabouné has produced and composed her new material and has been the centre of the production around "Miman". As a result of this we find a record that takes place in a dark and beautiful world under ground, and an album on which Sabouné has challenged herself to find new undiscovered musical paths and a new and more personal sound.

The title "Miman" referes back to Harry Martinsons 1956 poem "Aniara" where it’s the name of the machine, with the ability to think for itself, that collects all the memories of the human race. "Miman" explores the greed within the human nature and how this is spinning towards self destruction. It is a personal, visual and very intimate observation of an occult world that the album reviles, dark and intense but yet not threatful. "Miman" follows a clear structure that takes place in the same new universe that Sabouné has created.

Linking back to Martinson "Miman" tells a story. Every track picks up where the last one left and creates a compact and united sound, without for this sake becoming anything near a concept album.
By using her voice as the strong and independent leading instrument, and by letting the instrumental parts paint a musical landscape inspired by John Bauer, "Miman" finds a natural place leading on what Cocteau Twins and Dead Can Dance started in the 80´s.
Nicole Sabounés voice stands strong alongside a dramatic musical structure that you rarely find in Swedish music these days.