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16 September 2016
Gemini Syndrome: Gemini Syndrome: New Album 'Memento Mori' Out Now
Gemini Syndrome:   Gemini Syndrome: New Album 'Memento Mori' Out Now
GEMINI SYNDROME release their sophomore album, Memento Mori, today August 19th via Another Century.

The new album sees the band continuing to push the envelope, both musically and thematically, building upon the foundation laid by their 2013 debut, Lux.

Memento Mori was produced by the legendary father/son duo of Kane and Kevin Churko, and is directly linked to its predecessor, Lux, as part two in a three-album trilogy -- the latter being a representation of birth, and the former acting a reminder of life.

Brian Medina (drums) explains "The title of the new album essentially means 'Remember, We Die'. The artwork is designed to show the different layers of our physical and spiritual form going through the phases of disintegration, ending in the release of the soul."

Memento Mori Track Listing:
1. Anonymous
2. Remember We Die
3. Zealot
4. Gravedigger
5. On Point
6. La Devastante Veritá
7. Sorry Not Sorry
8. Eternity
9. Alive Inside
10. Inception
11. Lucido Somnium
12. Say Goodnight
13. Awaken
14. Ordo ab Chao
15. Brought To Light