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23 March 2018
NECROPHOBIC: - brand new video for "Pesta" released
NECROPHOBIC:   - brand new video for "Pesta" released

Backed up by the tremendous success of their recent studio album “Mark Of The Necrogram”, Swedish death worshippers NECROPHOBIC have released a brand-new video for the album track “Pesta”:
Rated “album of the months” in magazines such as Dead Forever, Rock Hard, Close-Up, Legacy or Spark, “Mark Of The Necrogram” is an album filled to the brim with soon-to-be classic tracks: “Pesta”, “Tsar Bomba”, “Lamashtu”, “Requiem Of A Dying Sun” or the all-devouring monster title track combine all the elements that make NECROPHOBIC such an outstanding band – northern death metal mastery with wicked riffs, hellish voices, pounding rhythms and outstanding melodies . This is not just another great album in an almost flawless discography. This is one of the best death/black metal album from Sweden in recent years. If you don’t own a copy yet, you may want to buy “Mark Of The Necrogram” in the format of your choice here:

NECROPHOBIC line-up (from left to right in the above picture):
Johan Bergebäck – guitars
Alex Friberg – bass
Anders Strokirk – vocals
Joakim Sterner – drums
Sebastian Ramstedt – guitars