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31 May 2019
Firespawn: Release Single & Video To "The Gallows End"
Firespawn:  Release Single & Video To "The Gallows End"

Swedish Death Metal force FIRESPAWN unleash with “The Gallows End” the last single, before the album “Abominate” will be released next week (June 7th, 2019).

Check out the impressive video HERE


A. Impaler comments:

“"The gallows end” is the the opening track of the album and a lot different from the others. With the drumming and bass intro but also in the dramaturgy of the structure of the song. This was the first song Matte was involved in the writing process so it’s obviously a different way of thinking considering how he plays on this song. We also did a new thing for this video, we asked Mathias (our video director) if he got a special vibe for any of the song to do a video of. He said that he absolutely wanted to The Gallows End! So here you go. Enjoy!"

As with “Shadow Realms” and “Reprobate”, the Swedes re-hired Italian painter Paolo Girardi (Power Trip, Artificial Brain) to realize “Abominate’s” disturbing cover. The simple themes of past covers return: the nameless Firespawn demon, the surrounding hordes, chaos, and lots of death. Girardi’s trademark style—as inspired by Caravaggio, Goya, and Guercino—using colors like burnt umber and antimony yellow are in full view on “Abominate”. 

FIRESPAWN is the incarnate abomination of LG Petrov (Entombed A.D.), Victor Brandt (Dimmu Borgir), Fredrik Folkare (Unleashed, ex-Necrophobic), A. Impaler (Necrophobic, Naglfar) and Matte Modin (ex-Dark Funeral).  



LG Petrov - vocals

Fredrik Folkare - guitar 

Victor Brandt - guitar

A. Impaler - bass

Matte Modin – drums 

FIRESPAWN online: