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19 September 2019
Tribulation: To Release Live Album including DVD "Alive & Dead At Södra Teatern"
Tribulation:  To Release Live Album including DVD "Alive & Dead At Södra Teatern"

TRIBULATION in the flesh. Live on stage. In front of a seated audience. At one of Stockholm’s oldest and most storied venues. Normally, this would be unceremonious, but for Alive & Dead At Södra Teatern, TRIBULATION’s first live album, it was an event to behold, for the monsters were let out of their cages to run wild as the Swedes imparted death metal of distinction across two fearsome sets. Invited by ex-Nirvana 2002 vocalist and curator Orvar Säfström, who also bedeviled the audience as master of ceremonies, TRIBULATION treated their besuited Swedish legions to unrivaled dark magic at their first-ever Södra Teatern (Southern Theatre) main hall gig.

The band comments, "Playing Stockholm is always a special occasion for us, and since we've been living here for so long it in a way feels like playing at home. Since it's a special thing for us, we always try to make it special for everyone else as well. Having the show at Södra Teatern made finding these special things easier than if we had been at a different location since just being there provided us with a beautifully haunting backdrop and gave us half of the ideas. Having the show in two acts is something that we've had in mind for quite some time and being at an old theatre obviously made this the perfect opportunity. Along with the two acts we also had Orvar Säfström as a compere or as a, more dramatic sounding, master of ceremonies framing the evening with two short speeches at the beginning of each act. We played “Down Below“ from start til finish in the first act with a stage set up we've never used before, something that could hint at a future development. Time will tell. The second act was the more traditional act with the old stage design and an array of old songs. The best thing about it might be that this event might be the first of similar events in the future, but those would, if they happen, obviously be even more grandiose! Again, time will tell."

Alive & Dead At Södra Teatern will be released on November 15th, 2019.

“Alive & Dead At Södra Teatern” Track List:


  1. The Lament

  2. Nightbound

  3. Lady Death

  4. Subterranea

  5. Purgatorio

  6. Cries From the Underworld

  7. Lacrimosa

  8. The World

  9. Here Be Dragons 


  1. Trollens Brudmarsch

  2. Melancholia

  3. The Motherhood of God

  4. Rånda

  5. Ultra Silvam

  6. Guitar Solo

  7. Strange Gateways Beckon

  8. Strains of Horror

The pre – order for “Alive & Dead At Södra Teatern” will start on Friday, September 27th and more details about the release formats will be unveiled soon…

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Ghost, All Them Witches & TRIBULATION:

16.11.2019 Nottingham (UK) – Motorpoint Arena

17.11.2019 Cardiff (UK) – Motorpoint Arena

18.11.2019 Glasgow (UK) – SSE Hydro

20.11.2019 Dublin (Ireland) – 3Arena

22.11.2019London (UK) – Wembley SSE Arena

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26.11.2019 Copenhagen (Denmark) – Forum Black Box

28.11.2019 Helsinki (Finnland) – Hartwall Arena

30.11.2019 Katowice (Poland) – Spodek

01.12.2019 Prague (Czech Republic) – Universum

03.12.2019 Budapest (Hungary) – BSA

05.12.2019 Mantova (Italy) – PalaBam

06.12.2019 Zurich (Switzerland) – Halle 622

08.12.2019 Barcelona (Spain) – St. Jordi

10.12.2019 Lisbon (Portugal) – Sala Tejo

11.12.2019 Madrid (Spain) – Vistalegre

13.12.2019 Strasbourg (France) – Zenith

15.12.2019 Munich (Germany) – Zenith

17.12.2019 Luxembourg (Luxembourg) – Rockhal

18.12.2019 Nantes (France) – Zenith

19.12.2019 Toulouse (France) – Zenith

TRIBULATION live 2019 & 2020:

26.10.2019 Sundsvall (Sweden) – Nordfest

27.10.2019 Limerick (Ireland) – Siege of Limerick

02.11.2019 Jönköping (Sweden) – Metal Fest Sweden

09.-11.07.2020 Gävle (Sweden) – Gefle Metal Festival

Tribulation Live in Russia:

17.01.2020 Moscow (Russia) – Glastonberry

18.01.2020 St. Petersburg (Russia) – Mod


Johannes Andersson – Bass/Vocals

Adam Zaars – Guitars

Jonathan Hultén – Guitars

Oscar Leander – Drums


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