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07 November 2019
Mayhem: Release Official Video To "Falsified & Hated" / Touring Europe Right Now
Mayhem:  Release Official Video To "Falsified & Hated" / Touring Europe Right Now

Check out the spectacular brand – new video to Mayhem’s previously released single “Falsified & Hated” HERE! 

Teloch comments:

This is the first official music video we have released, so indeed some thought went into this. Instead of having us filmed at some dodgy location with instruments not even plugged in, we did something different, in the true tradition of the band. We hired Johan Bååth (Watain etc) as a director and we also were lucky enough to get the infamous Swedish graffiti Artist Ziggy Jonas Rasmusson to do his ritualistic paintings for the video. “

Producer Tore Stjerna states the following:

It's a very strong track with tons of energy. It also stands out in an interesting way with its hints towards industrial music. The insanity of this roller-coaster ride of a song marries beautifully with the twisted art featured in the video.”

This is what director Johan Bååth has to say about this work of art:

When I was asked to do the very first Mayhem music video,  I thought I really had to do something more than just a plain Black Metal video, I wanted to take it one step further and do something different but stay true to the genre and of course Mayhem’s iconic legacy as a band. I thought of the artist Ziggy Jonas Rasmusson and his ritualistic paintings and I asked him if he wanted to participate. Together we came up with this idea of a ritualistic painted pentagon-shaped room, completely surrounded by five painted walls, facing a centered pentagram-painting with Ziggy´s ”hex-text” signs and symbols all over, each of the five point corners symbolizing human expiration.

In the middle we see an organic neoplasm tumor-like shaped form, all muddy and dirty with wooden branches ensnared around it. The surreal and scary-looking outgrowth is almost breathing with dark energy, attached to several plastic tubes connected to five cloaked characters symbolizing the five members of Mayhem. They´re completely occupied with different ritual tasks destroying all humanity and contributing matter and dark energy to the demon creation in the middle.”

Mayhem’s highly anticipated sixth studio album had been released digitally on October 25th. Tomorrow marks the physical release of the album. The following formats are available:

  • Limited Deluxe LP Boxset (various colors)

  • Limited CD Mediabook in Slipcase

  • Standard CD Jewelcase

  • Limited Gatefold LP (various colors)

  • Digital album

Get your format of choice HERE!

Make sure to catch Mayhem on their current European tour on one of the following dates:

07.11. Lyon, France - CCD

08.11. Toulouse, France – Le Metronum

09.11. Barcelona, Spain - Salamandra

10.11. Madrid, Spain - Mon Madrid

12.11. Milano, Italy - Magazzini Generali

13.11. Génova, Switzerland - PTR

14.11. Vienna, Austria - Szene

15.11. Prague, Czech Republic - Meet Factory

16.11. Berlin, Germany - Astra

17.11. Lille, France - Tyrant Fest

19.11. Kassel, Germany - Musik Theater 130BPM

20.11. Wetzikon, Switzerland – Hall Of Fame

21.11. Mannheim, Germany - MS Connexion Complex

22.11. Oberhausen, Germany - Turbinehalle

23.11. Vosselaar, Belgium - Biebob

24.11. Copenhagen, Denmark - Pumpehuset

26.11. Tampere, Finland - Pakkahuone

27.11. Helsinki, Finland - Tavastia

29.11. Stockholm, Sweden - Fryshuset Klubben

30.11. Gothenburg, Sweden – Pustervik


Necrobutcher – Bass

Hellhammer – Drums

Attila – Vocals

Teloch – Guitar

Ghul – Guitar

MAYHEM online: