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23 January 2004
Heaven Shall Burn: New Signing
Heaven Shall Burn:  New Signing
Century Media is pleased to announce the worldwide signing of HEAVEN SHALL BURN, one of Europe's leading melodic death/metalcore acts, and we are even more excited to mention that the co-operation begins with the upcoming album "Antigone," which turned out KILLER!

Biographical Background on HSB:

After a MCD entitled "In Battle..." and a split LP with Fall of Serenity, HSB signed to Lifeforce Records/Impression Music for their 2000 debut album "Asunder," a split LP/CD with long-time friends Caliban (also 2000) and 2002's album "Whatever It May Take," which earned the band extreme praise from media and fans within both the metal and hardcore scenes. HSB have been called a musical hybrid of bands like Earth Crisis, At The Gates and Bolt Thrower, which underlines the fact that the band is basically about unifying the extremes of death metal and HC styles into an irresistible musical combination, lyrically exposing a very dedicated, socially aware and politically engaged manner. Reinforcing their reputation of being an extremely powerful live-act, some of HSB's touring highlights in their young career so far include a European tour in 2001, a South American tour and UK mini-tour in 2002, two successful visits to Iceland (!) in 2002/2003 and trips to countries like Greece, Norway and Denmark, as well as festival appearances at Party-San, With Full Force, Westfalen Festival, Wacken Open Air, Summer Breeze Festival (Germany), Ieper Fest, Goodlife Festival (Belgium) and Fuff Fest (Czech Republic), where the band played with such remarkably diverse acts as Bolt Thrower, Converge, Darkest Hour, Shai Hulud, Edge of Sanity, Liar, Caliban, Amon Amarth, Biohazard, Dew-Scented, Slapshot, Hatebreed and many more. HSB live plans for 2004 include a tour in Eastern Europe (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia) and trips to Greece, Iceland, North and South America, as well more central European touring!

Here's a statement by vocalist Marcus and guitarist Maik about the new joint venture with Century Media Records:

"I am extremely excited to have signed to the label that is home to plenty of my favourite bands. 2004 promises to become a really challenging year for HSB. Full force ahead!!!" Marcus

"I am very happy about the new deal with CM. It was a really important step forwards to take for us as a band, but even more important was to make it together with a partner who doesn't only understand how to promote and market HSB's music but who also has the ability and attitude to support the political and socio-critical dimension of the band. Furthermore, it means a lot to us that we didn't only find a good new home, but that will also manage to continue the co-operation with Lifeforce Records. There still won't be any compromises for the future with HSB! Everything that needs to be said will be said, and everything that needs to be done will be done! Maik

Century Media Records will release "Antigone" in Europe on April 26th. The initial European pressing of the album will be a limited edition version with special packaging that includes two bonus cover tracks. More details on the release and an exact North American release date will be announced shortly. Additionally, the album will be available in South America via Brazil's Liberation Records and Lifeforce Records will take care of the LP version, as well as a future EP release for HSB.

"Antigone" CD / LP Track-List:

1. Echoes (Intro)
2. The Weapon They Fear
3. The Only Truth
4. Architects Of The Apocalypse
5. Voice Of The Voiceless
6. Numbing The Pain
7. To Harvest The Storm
8. Rìsandi Von (Outro)
9. Bleeding To Death
10.Tree Of Freedom
11.The Dream Is Dead
12.Deyjandi Von (Outro)


From Left to Right on the attached new Photo!)

Eric - Bass
Maik - Guitars
Matthias - Drums
Patrick - Guitar
Marcus - Vocals

Photo by Simon Büttner

Official Band Website:


Heaven Shall Burn Live:

23.01.2004 Jena (D) - Kassablanca / "Ecuador Soli Fond" Charity Show + Die Apokalyptischen Reiter
03.04.2004 Salzgitter (D) - Forellenhof + Destiny
23.04.2004 Trier (D) - ExHaus + Cataract, Dew-Scented & more.