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20 June 2006
Heaven Shall Burn: „Deaf To Our Prayers“ out August 28th
Heaven Shall Burn:  „Deaf To Our Prayers“ out August 28th
August 28th will see the release of „Deaf To Our Prayers“, the long awaited follow-up for HEAVEN SHALL BURNs highly acclaimed album „Antigone”.

„Finally, we are holding the Masters for our new CD ‘Deaf To Our Prayers’ in our hands and we are pretty certain that we’ve recorded an album that’ll be a more than worthy successor for ‘Antigone’”, says guitarist Maik Weichert.

Again, the recording of „Deaf To Our Prayers” was done at Rape Of Harmonies Studios in beautiful Thüringen. „Patrick W. Engel and Ralf Müller have added their share another time and we cannot picture working on an album without them.”

For the first time they used Jacob Hansen and his Hansen Studios for the mix. „We had a great time in Ribe, the oldest city in Denmark and worked extremely hard on getting the maximum out of the new songs. Right from the beginning of the writing process we had the vision to record a raw and direct album. I think ‘Deaf To Our Prayers’ is a lot more brutal than ‘Antigone’ while still having some mid-tempo passages. Simply 100% HSB!”

As on their previous albums HEAVEN SHALL BURN don’t just have intense music to offer, but also food for thought. “The title ‘Deaf To Our Prayers’ is influenced by a line from a poem by Heinrich Heine that dealt with the situation of industrial workers from Silesia in the 19th century. Other songs like ‘Of No Avail’ or ‘The Final March’ were influenced by Gerhard Hauptmann’s drama ‘The Weavers’. Especially the situation of the workers in the 19th century, the so-called Industrial Revolution, shows oppressive parallels to current developments in our society that’s highly affected by globalisation.”

However, “Deaf To Our Prayers” is also dealing with other historic aspects. “’Armia’ for example is about the hopeless, 64-day fight that Polish partisans fought against the occupying power in the battle of Warsaw in August 1944. - Again, we stayed away from topics such as heartache, problems with parents and ‘I’ll kill every single one of you’. We know that there are people out there who want to use their heads for banging AND thinking - that’s what we are about.”