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17 July 2006
Strapping Young Lad: New album out soon & new video posted online!
Strapping Young Lad:  New album out soon & new video posted online!
The highly anticipated new STRAPPING YOUNG LAD album, “The New Black”, is will be released July 17th 2006 and is already being hailed as the group’s most ambitious and dynamic offering yet. The group have been annihilating the masses on Ozzfest for the past two weeks, and due to the sheer abrasiveness and intensity of their live performances, they quickly became one of the most talked about, must see acts of the fest.

In conjunction with Ozzfest, a new video for the track “Wrong Side” was recently shot by renowned director David Brodsky (God Forbid, The Red Chord). It can be streamed at the Century Media Records website www.centurymedia.com NOW!

Jed Simon (guitars) checks in:
“The new album is all yours, so be sure to get out there and show your love for The Lad. We are rocking the Ozzfest tour, and while the shows are great and the fan support is amazing, it’s kinda weird adjusting to ‘morning metal’. There are a lot of great bands on the tour. We are particularly fond of Lacuna Coil, The Red Chord, Bleeding Through, A Life Once Lost and Full Blown Chaos. They have been an absolute pleasure to watch! Yesterday we were in El Paso, Texas, as part of a day off/travel day doing some shopping, some of the guys went to a movie, eating...whatever, while our driver got some much-needed sleep. It was 119 degrees out there yesterday or in Canada, 49 degrees Celsius…that’s HOT!!! Holy crap Batman I have never been in heat like that, although with humidity in the Southeast, and similar regions, it’s more brutal sometimes and humidity is a killer. Well, I guess that’s about it for now so get out there and pick up “The New Black”. Hopefully we will see you all soon.”

First press results:

“Every song is a little symphony – infernal, triumphant, diverse, monstrous and close to sheer perfection. One of the most intelligent extreme bands at all!“ - HEAVY (D)

“This is a feel-good-record, filled to the brim with rage, heaviness, aggressiveness. Instead of coldness there is heat, hatred is replaced by humour, instead of metaphors Devin and his comrades grinningly revel in clichés. Metal should be fun. This album is fun! You need it!“ ROCK HARD (D)

With “The New Black” STRAPPING YOUNG LAD will leave their definitive mark on the genre, leaving their contemporaries wondering how they could ever possibly compete.