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11 August 2006
Heaven Shall Burn: New song “Counterweight” online!
Heaven Shall Burn:  New song “Counterweight” online!
Germany’s best-known death metal & hardcore hybrid, HEAVEN SHALL BURN, delivers a new appetizer for its forthcoming new album “Deaf To Our Prayers” (European street date: August 28, 2006), by posting the song “Counterweight” on the Century Media artist page. Just click here!

Guitarist Maik Weichert on the meaning of the song:
“We open-minded and responsible people can think and act for ourselves; we are not going to have our minds surrender to control and manipulation. Maybe some GOD has given us a brain, so we should use it and not rely on facts prepared by others. We are not against sincere and modern Christians who do good things and love ‘thy neighbour’. Still, some fundamentalist religious organisations like the “Jesus Revolution Army” are striving for power and influence and target society where it is most vulnerable: the youth. Secularisation is one of the greatest achievements of modern societies, and it needs to be defended.
We are the ‘Counterweight!’”