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Heaven Shall Burn
Bildersturm - Iconoclast II (The Visual Resistance) (DVD)
  1. Endzeit (live In Vienna)
  2. Counterweight (live In Vienna)
  3. Profane Believers (live In Vienna)
  4. Behind A Wall Of Silence (live In Vienna)
  5. The Seventh Cross (live In Vienna)
  6. Partisan (live In Vienna)
  7. To Inherit The Guilt (live In Vienna)
  8. If This Is A Man (live In Vienna)
  9. Black Tears (live In Vienna)
  10. The Weapon They Fear (live At Sumerbreeze)
  11. Voice Of The Voiceless (live At Sumerbreeze)
  12. Like A Thousand Suns (live At Sumerbreeze)
  13. Murderers Of All Murderers (live At Sumerbreeze)
  14. The Only Truth (live At Sumerbreeze)
  15. Forlorn Skies (live At Sumerbreeze)