Century Media Records

Since its humble origins beginning in 1988 as a literal bedroom label in the blue-collar city of Dortmund, Germany, Century Media Records has defied all expectations and built their brand and reputation into a leading force for the heavy music scene. The label took their initial foothold in the death metal scene, and quickly expanded their outreach into different genres, including hardcore, black metal, gothic metal and rock. Artists such as Asphyx, Tiamat, Moonspell, Arch Enemy and Nevermore helped propel the label in the 1990s, and the following decade saw significant breakthrough stories with the likes of Lacuna Coil, In This Moment and Shadows Fall.

From the very beginning, Century Media made its name as a label covering a wide range of extreme styles, from death metal to hardcore, rock to black metal, and all the genres on the louder edge of the musical spectrum, best exemplified by the slogan “diversity in extremes”. Quickly establishing an international presence, the label currently has its main offices in Dortmund, Berlin and New York. In 2015, Century Media was welcomed under the umbrella of Sony Music. Sony provided their distribution muscle worldwide and security, while allowing Century Media to retain their vision and creative control, the result of which has been greatly beneficial to both parties and allowed the label and its artists to achieve record results.

Current high-profile bands include the likes of Lorna Shore, Insomnium, Dark Funeral, The Pretty Reckless and Body Count. The strength of the label has been their long-standing ability to establish and break new artists on a global level, all while solidifying their base of their established bands. Acting as a beacon of professionality, reliability, and an unwavering dedication and passion to the most important thing of all – the music – Century Media are a flagship label in the metal and rock and home to a truly diverse and exhilarating stable of talent.